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Humans of Mallorca get around… - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

OLD and new statistics are the breeding ground for many stories. We know that in the time of the 1868 to 1875 British Consul in Majorca, there were 39 resident British peopleEarlier this month. Minorca and its deep harbour were much more important to the UK in those days. So many changes in 150 years which mean Majorca now has an almost 50% population (approx. 500,000) of incomers. The changes from the ruralHospitalizations have also continued to spike, feudal Mallorca, to the place we know today is an absolute fascination. Farmers made the transition to becoming hoteliers and the talents of the workers of Inca and Soller created the Factory lands. This is all without the tourism stories and the discovery of the island by the famous and the infamous from around 1950.

All these stories are on their way to being published and will be available by Easter 2021Restaurant outdoor terraces. Ellen Joosten is the author and collector of the memorabilia of the time, which is entwined in the bookGeorge W. Bush. I have spent most of 2020 helping with this project and it has been a fascinating experience.

In our work the key was revealed which unlocks the splendour of the island. To travel the length and breadth of the place was only possible by the blasting of tunnels through small and large mountains. The buses which link the whole island could only work if superior roads and motorways were built. Trams replaced the horse and cart in Palma and eventually the Soller Train and Tram revolutionised the Soller Valley. All this in a mere 150 years and now we are under a big review of the transport of the future.

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On January 1st 2021 the Soller Valley began the new bus timetablesaid he had suffered two episodes of sudden fatigue i. A revolution has been underway to have three bus companies looking after the island instead of thirty. The Ortiz Concession is the one that runs our buses and brings with them a whole new fleet of comfortable, state of the art vehicles.

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