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As we all know, formaldehyde has been identified by the World Health Organization as a carcinogen and teratogenic substance. If you accidentally choose the wrong furniture, you are very likely to put yourself and your family in the surrounding of formaldehyde. Here, labor card wardrobe specially comes to support the majority of consumers

as we all know, formaldehyde has been identified as a carcinogen and teratogenic substance by the World Health Organization. If you accidentally choose the wrong furniture, you are likely to put yourself and your family in the surrounding of formaldehyde. Here, Laoka wardrobe specially comes to choose healthy and environmental protection wardrobe for the majority of consumers to keep formaldehyde away from our lives

first: section identification board

due to the use of rice and wheat straw fiber, the "zero formaldehyde" board will present a unique dense lamellar structure on the cross section. This is different from the granular structure of particleboard (particle board) or the fine and smooth section structure of density board (MDF). Even if the finished furniture is treated with facing and edge banding and sent to the consumer's home, it is easier for the consumer to observe and identify the cross-section at the punching and slotting places before the furniture is assembled

second: smell recognition board

although the furniture has been surface treated, volatile substances (including formaldehyde) cannot be completely sealed by facing and edge sealing. This is why many new furniture still has a strong chemical flavor. The new furniture made of "zero formaldehyde" straw board, especially the cabinet furniture, will have a faint fragrance when the cabinet door is opened. Odor recognition is also a simple identification method

third: boiled test board

an expert told Xiaobian that if possible, consumers can ask furniture merchants for some leftover furniture materials. By boiling with hot water, they can distinguish the true from the false. Experts demonstrated to the author a small experiment comparing Hexiang board with particleboard and density board in boiling water. The performance of Hexiang board really surprised the author

under the same experimental conditions, compared with density board and particleboard, Hexiang board has a very obvious advantage of low water absorption and expansion. The author broke the boiled board casually and found that Hexiang board still maintained a high strength after 15 minutes of high-temperature boiling. Density board and particleboard, on the other hand, are broken and crunchy. The technician of Hexiang board explained: "this is because the waxy layer rich in straw itself has a moisture-proof effect. In addition, unlike the urea formaldehyde resin glue used in ordinary wood-based panels, the MDI glue in Hexiang board will decompose and dissolve in water, which makes Hexiang board show a high moisture-proof coefficient and bonding strength, which has incomparable advantages over ordinary boards."

nothing is more important than the health of our family. Choosing healthy and environmentally friendly furniture is very important for our family




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