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When choosing bathroom tiles, the main factor to consider is that after spending so long in the building materials industry, I found a truth that trusting products is not as good as trusting people. I remember a great writer said “ Happy families are all alike, while unhappy families are different ”, It's the same with purchasing decoration building materials, “ Lucky purchases are all similar, but unfortunate purchases are different ”. But how can we be lucky to purchase? In fact, it means choosing the right person. Owners, including me, cannot be omnipotent “ Brick house ”, There are specialties in the industry, not to mention that only their own products know their real advantages and disadvantages and cost performance. Therefore, even if you choose a big brand, you may finally choose its immature experimental category or category that will be eliminated. The reason is very simple. Just like buying a car, novices love to buy the latest fashion, while many old drivers or unit cars love to buy those tested but ugly Jetta, antelope and Big Dipper. Why? That is because the new car has not passed the market test, otherwise there would not be so many recalls. Of course, the necessary decoration knowledge preparation is still necessary, otherwise if you are really too white, then even the most familiar people can't help but kill you

first of all, the most important thing is to choose a good decoration Division. For details, you can refer to the model rooms of major decoration companies and choose different decoration companies according to different styles. It's easy to choose bricks this time, because my bathroom is large and I have successfully separated the dry and wet areas, so you can almost refer to the effect of the meitao tile model room to choose

this time, I changed the simple and abstract style of my home decoration to a retro and complex style. Because the choice of simple and abstract style takes too much thought, and different people have different opinions. If mom doesn't like it, it's not thankless. So I'll simply make a retro and complex style. This style makes people feel very gorgeous, classy and beautiful at first glance, but just like the wedding photos taken by the studio, everyone says they are beautiful, but if you put all the bride photos together, you can't tell who is who, like a thousand people, there is no personality





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