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Nowadays, paint emulsion paint products are widely used in consumer home decoration because of their convenient construction, environmental protection and health characteristics. Through the collocation of different colors and construction methods, create a beautiful wall decoration effect, so that your home space is no longer monotonous. There are many kinds of paint construction methods, and the effects of different methods are different. Tu Paiqi, the top ten brands of paint, briefly describes several common construction methods of paint products for you

before the construction of coating products, the wall surface is required to be fully puttying (normally twice), and polished to provide a flat, smooth and good adhesion foundation for the wall bottom coating, so as to increase the brushing area and adhesion capacity of the wall bottom coating. After the wall foundation is treated, the construction can be carried out according to the following construction methods

1. Scraping

advantages: the paint film is dense, the thickness is high, and the service life of the paint after scraping is long

disadvantages: the construction is slow, and the wall coating has slight joints after construction

scraping is a method of manually painting the paint on the wall surface through a wood board, shovel, or plastic board with a certain hardness, no oil stains, and a flat surface. Scraping requires that the paint emulsion paint is relatively thick, and generally no water is added. Use the above tools to press the paint from right to left, from top to bottom, and press the joint construction once at a time until it is scraped all over the wall. Because the paint is not diluted with water before construction, and the thickness of scraping is high, the protective performance of the paint film on the wall is very good after drying, and the service life is relatively long

2. Advantages of brushing

it is a good supplement for the places where the wall is difficult to construct, and the construction is convenient

disadvantages: there are slight brush marks on the wall after construction, and the construction is slow

wool brushes and synthetic fiber brushes of different sizes and sizes with soft texture are mostly used for brushing, which has strong applicability and saves paint. For special positions and narrow areas such as corners, grooves, and equipment bases, where it is difficult to paint by other construction methods, brushing can play a strong advantage. The overall wall construction, due to manual operation, the production efficiency is relatively low, but the complete coverage of the wall is relatively ideal

3. Roller coating

advantages: convenient construction and high efficiency

disadvantages: it can't cover the edges and corners well, and there are slight brush marks

roller coating is generally made of synthetic fiber or wool and other highly absorbent materials on the surface, which act on the wall after absorbing the coating, so that the wall can form a paint film. Roller coating can be applied in a large area, with high efficiency and convenient construction. It is the most commonly used construction tool for emulsion paint. Wool brushes are often used in construction to repair the edges and corners, so as to achieve overall coverage

4. Spraying

advantages: smooth paint film, good hand feel, convenient construction

disadvantages: thin paint film requires spraying equipment

spraying is to use the pneumatic function of spraying equipment to spray the paint on the wall. The paint shall be diluted before spraying, so that the spraying equipment can spray the paint in the form of aerosol. Spraying makes the paint coated on the wall in the form of tiny particles. The paint film formed is smooth and feels very good. The decorative effect of the film on the wall is also the best. It has also become the most commonly used method of home wall decoration. However, spraying requires certain operating experience to achieve perfect effect

for colored paint, no matter what method is used for construction, it is necessary to add less water and construct quickly, so as to avoid color difference on the wall after construction and affect the overall beauty





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