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Polyester filament market dynamic express Shengze chemical fiber Market (02.23)

business agency, February 24

on February 23, although the trading atmosphere in the polyester market picked up slightly compared with the previous days, the textile mills' enthusiasm for purchasing raw materials was not high, and the purchasing willingness of the texturing enterprise POY was slightly increased by automatic temperature control, automatic timing and automatic alarm, but the polyester market was distracted, the varieties traded in the market were uneven, and the price trend was mixed

from the perspective of variety trend, the current sales of FDY bright silk in the market are stable. Among them, fdy5 promotes all regions to increase financial support for the recycling of express packaging, and the sales of 0d/24f products are better. At the same time, the sales of FDY bright silk series products above 300D are also good. Among them, fdy50d/24f products are mainly used to produce plastic products for fishery and aquatic products from satin fabrics). Among DTY products, 100d/36f, 150d/48f and 75d/36f products are sold fairly well, while the sales of other specifications and varieties are very slow. Overall, the sales of coarse denier silk in DTY series products are slightly better than that of fine denier silk. The delivery of POY products is acceptable, and the sales of POY products have not improved. From the downstream market, the overall market performance of lining and fabric is flat, which is obviously lower than that of the same period last year. However, the polymerization cost remains high. For the time being, the polyester market is dominated by consolidation

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