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Introduction to the dynamic balance structure of high-speed motorized spindle

the maximum speed of motorized spindle is as high as 6. The best scheme is 0000 ~ 180000r/min. Any small imbalance in the rotating part may cause huge centrifugal force and cause the vibration of the machine tool, thus affecting the processing quality of parts. Therefore, the motorized spindle must be subject to very strict dynamic balancing to make the dynamic balancing accuracy reach ISO standard g0.4, that is, at the highest speed, the maximum allowable speed of vibration caused by residual dynamic imbalance is 0.4mm/s

therefore, the principle of structural symmetry must be strictly observed in the structural design of motorized spindle. The dynamic balance structure of the high-speed motorized spindle is shown in the figure below. The motor rotor and the main shaft avoid damage to the equipment due to improper operation. The torque is transmitted through the interference fit generated by the interference sleeve, and the connection of keys, threads and other parts is avoided as far as possible; When disassembling the main shaft, use the high-pressure pump to press the high-pressure oil from the small hole a at the left end of the rotor inner sleeve into the annular inner hole e. the inner diameter of the interference sleeve 1 will expand under the pressure of the high pressure oil of the control element, so that the rotor can be easily removed. In order to ensure the symmetry of the main shaft unit structure, another small hole B is symmetrically machined on the left end surface of the interference sleeve 1 in the rotor (plugged with a screw plug after machining). This small hole is considered for balancing when encountered

dynamic balance structure diagram of high-speed motorized spindle

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