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Polyester filament market dynamic Express - Shengze chemical fiber Market (03.15)

business agency, March 16

on the weekend (March 14-15), the overall performance of the polyester market was flat, and the spinning factory quotation was temporarily stable, but there was a phenomenon of preferential price concessions when individual manufacturers actually sold goods

from the perspective of variety trend, the market center prices of poy75d/72f and 150d/48f products are 8600 yuan (accepted in three months) and 7650 yuan/ton respectively (now cleaning method: tighten the real fixing screw behind the oil pump with a wrench). The purchasing power of downstream texturing enterprises for POY products is average, and the sales of POY are still small; The sales of fdy50d/24f and 75d/36f remain smooth. At present, they are mainly produced with polyester strong twist fabrics. There is little demand for category 63d in the market, mainly due to the increase in the downtime rate of downstream water jet looms. At present, the market price of silk is RMB/t. Dty75d/36f still has shipments to build a loose and convenient market access environment, but the sales of mainstream conventional varieties in the market are weak. At present, the downstream weaving manufacturers and texturing enterprises are operating cautiously based on production and quantity. The production and sales rate of spinning manufacturers is generally low. In the short term, the polyester market will continue to consolidate, and it is not ruled out that some spinning manufacturers with large inventories may make concessions and promote unsalable varieties

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