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Polyester filament market dynamic express Shengze chemical fiber Market (01.15)

business agency, January 16 - on January 15, the polyester market was generally stable and upward. In particular, the POY trading volume was much larger than that of the first two days of last week (12 days, 1 day when its environmental protection benefits were 10 points significant). Tongxiang polyester POY rose by 100 yuan/t; In Taicang, POY rose by 50 yuan/t; DTY and FDY quoted by local spinning enterprises are temporarily stable. From the trend of polyester varieties, the fdy63d transaction volume of the main body of lining production is obviously insufficient, and the downstream purchasing power is still lacking. There is not much market demand for fdy150d/96f; Dayouguang's fdy150d/84ff and above have continued to sell recently, which is mainly driven by the good sales of water jet nylon polyester spinning. Dayuoguang fdy50d/24f has a large sales pressure due to the unsalable downstream lightweight textile fabrics. The market transaction price is 9300 yuan/t, while dayuoguang fdy50d/24f (for satin) has a relatively better sales. There is no market for POY. The prices of 50D, 75D and 100D market centers are 7700 yuan/t, 7500 yuan/t and 7300 yuan/t respectively. At present, there is sporadic demand for 50D in the downstream of Shengze area. DTY series products in the market have dty75d/36f, 150d/48f semi dull silk products; The demand for 100D conventional varieties is weak. Most people think that after the professionals have also given their opinions, the market should keep in mind the situation of this day in depth for the banks with low prices

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