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Dynamic express of polyester filament Market Shengze chemical fiber Market (12.01)

business agency, December 2 - on December 1, the polyester market was in a tepid state, the market wait-and-see atmosphere was revealed again, the trading volume was below the medium level, and there were almost no batch spectrum analyzer transactions. Although the price of polyester products from large textile factories has been rising and falling, the polyester market quotation has remained stable, and the actual small batch transactions are mainly negotiated by both parties

from the perspective of variety trend, the sales of FDY fine denier silk in the market is stable at present. Among them, the sales of semi dull fdy68d/24f and 75d/36 products are better, but the goods of semi dull fdy135dfdy products are sold more smoothly, which is mainly the dynamic sales of filament Oxford cloth products. However, the sales of Dy Dayou bright silk products above 300D are also good after the inspection of F overflow and over temperature. The sales of 100d/36f and 150d/48f DTY products are acceptable. Today, the delivery of POY products is still weak, and the sales of POY products have not improved. From the analysis of downstream purchasing power, at present, the vast majority of water jet weaving manufacturers and texturing enterprises adopt the "production based quantitative" operation to purchase materials. It is expected that polyester will still maintain the consolidation pattern in the short term. Of course, it does not rule out the possibility of price concessions and sales promotion for some spinning manufacturers under financial pressure

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