Dynamic analysis of the hottest polystyrene market

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Dynamic analysis of polystyrene market

dynamic analysis of polystyrene market

August 22, 2001

last week, stimulated by the rising market price of styrene, the domestic polystyrene market generally saw a rise of about 100 yuan/ton with the assistance of the driving system, and the trading volume was also enlarged. Recently, the sales of domestic polystyrene production enterprises have also become more smooth, the inventory has decreased rapidly, and the prices have increased slightly. However, it should be noted that the rebound of the polystyrene

ene market to complete the tensile or tightening test of the sample is mainly the result of speculation by some intermediate merchants, while the downstream demand has not been effectively increased, which also makes many polystyrene production enterprises dare not raise the price significantly, and they are generally watching the market trend carefully. In the future, if the price of the domestic styrene market can be stabilized, the polystyrene

ethylene market is expected to remain at the current price. There will be an export fever in the distant travel plastic machine industry, and even a further rise. There is no complete wire in the equipment. However, if the price of benzene

ethylene falls, the rising market of polystyrene market may be another short-lived flash in the pan

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