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Comments on the opening price of the domestic epichlorohydrin market since the opening of the festival, the market trend of the domestic epichlorohydrin market has been surging. First, the sharp adjustment of Qilu and Tianhua at 2000 yuan/ton has pushed the contradiction of the market going against the market to the peak compared with the previous period, and the market price has quickly reached 18000 yuan/ton or higher. The tight spot supply has bred dealers' low sales sentiment, The price of downstream epoxy resin rose in response, making it acceptable to the market. There are concerns that it will "disappear" in the short term

according to market manufacturers, at present, the manufacturer's cargo discharge situation is relatively tight. At the same time, it is unclear when the new 80000 ton/year device of Shandong Bohui phase II will be shut down for some reason. The 30000 ton/year device of Jiangsu Yangnong has also been shut down for routine annual maintenance since the 10th day of this month. The basic self-use of Baling Petrochemical since the expansion of liquid epoxy resin has little impact on the market, and the current market supply tension continues. At the same time, it is reported that Tianhua also has a short-term shutdown plan due to the preparation for the start-up of the new 24000 ton/year unit in the second phase in mid October. Qilu has an upstream chlor alkali plant that may be affected by a short overhaul in late October. The market has heard that there is a production reduction plan for users this month, regardless of the length of time and whether the time has passed, but when the market is tense, this news is undoubtedly a stimulus to the current market, At the same time, although Jiangsu Anbang and Sandie plan to release materials in late October after each experiment, PolyOne is mainly for its own use, and the output is relatively small. PolyOne is bringing many high-performance polymer and colorant solutions to the 7th China International cable and wire Exhibition (wire China 2016), which is undoubtedly a drop in the bucket compared with the supply and demand of the whole market, and the specific impact remains to be verified

on the other hand, affected by the bull market in the domestic market, the external market has also actively followed up. At present, some barrel offers have risen to 2024) overload protection: when the load exceeds 2.5% of the maximum value, 0 US dollars/ton CFR China's main port is even higher, providing new opportunities for import sources to import domestically. Nevertheless, due to the current rich domestic ECH production capacity, once the plant starts on track, it is inevitable that the market will reverse. When the early ECH market fell sharply, the market dealers suffered a blow, and the shadow of serious losses is difficult to eliminate. The import merchants are still cautious, and the import side is still based on the verification mode of incoming processing. In short, the import market has limited effect on the domestic market

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