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Chinese buyers stock up for the national day, and PVC in the Asian market soars (review)

as Chinese buyers stock up for the National Day holiday, as long as they master the following 10 points, the PVC price rises sharply. At the beginning of this week, most Asian manufacturers withdrew their quotations, while the maximum listing price of local Chinese manufacturers has reached 6200 yuan/ton, but by Wednesday, the Chinese market price fell to yuan/ton; The initial quotation of Japanese manufacturers for goods in October was $520/ton, of which Mitsubishi has not resumed the quotation, but it is reported that there were Xinyue goods traded at $510/ton (CFR China's main port) before the incident; The initial quotation of South Korea is USD/ton, of which LG's quotation is USD 520/ton (CFR China's main port, and the spot is in Africa and even the world). Domestic buyers say that the price is unacceptable, but it is reported that the transaction price of LG's goods in Shenzhen is USD 490/ton (CFR China's main port), which will be delivered in the first ten days of October; Hanhua's quotation is 510 US dollars/ton (CFR China's main port, spot), and the company's implementation of this price is relatively firm. It is reported that Hanhua (Shenzhen) traded a load of 300 tons of goods at the price of 500 yuan/ton (CFR China's main port) at the end of last week. It arrived in mid October, and Samsung is still closed, and there is no latest quotation; The price that buyers are willing to accept is US dollars/ton (CFR China's main port), there is a certain gap, and the transaction is not active

in the Southeast Asian market, the manufacturers thought that the market supply would be tightened in the next step and raised the quotation. Although our law enforcement focus was on strictly preventing ultra-thin and unqualified plastic bags from entering the market, there were few market transactions, but the price also increased. Asaimas in Indonesia will conduct a 20 day overhaul of its 95000 ton PVC plant in early October. Several offers to Vietnam are in US dollars/ton CFR, which will be delivered in early October. The prospect of using SEBS foaming materials on foaming wheels is worth looking forward to. Our interest is in US $460/ton CFR Vietnam. (Alibaba)

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