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Comments on the opening of Shanghai Jiao: the trend of Shanghai Jiao opened sharply lower

on the 28th, the main contract ru0809 of Shanghai Jiao opened at 26030 yuan, 425 yuan lower than the settlement price of the previous trading day. After that, the market began to fluctuate and fall. At 9:06, it was reported at 970 yuan, down 485 yuan, or 1.83%

Tianma futures said that the Tianjiao market continued to rise sharply yesterday after two trading limits. The intraday volatility was huge. The short-term fundamentals of crude oil, yen and Inventory were not fully fulfilled, and the reduction still provided support for the futures price. The inventory report released last weekend continued for 1 consecutive week. Many industry experts suggested a sharp reduction in one week to boost the enthusiasm of the market to do long, and under the strong guidance of crude oil and surrounding markets, Once again staged a wave of short market trend. From the perspective of the trend, Shanghai rubber has been in the channel of accelerating the rise. Supported by the shortage of spot supply and the soaring of synthetic rubber, the rising trend has been pushed to a climax. At present, the late trend of Shanghai Jiao will increase the friction force, mainly depending on how the main funds operate. It is expected that those with long positions can appropriately hold and observe, and those without positions are best to participate in light positions, mainly taking advantage of the trend

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