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Jinyin Island chemical warehouse receipt comments on December 1

Jinyin Island warehouse receipt report: the main methanol warehouse receipt 2450 in March was flat, with intraday shocks rising; After a period of strong consolidation in the afternoon, the late trading accelerated and hit the limit price of 2522 at one time, and finally closed at 2516 due to some previous studies on human health problems. The settlement price was 2491, up 66 yuan/ton from the previous trading day; The trading volume decreased slightly, and the order volume continued to increase

1. Quotation in the external market: the rise and fall are all present

CFR China in Asia closed at 280 (↑ 6) -282 (↑ 6) dollars/ton, CFR Southeast Asia closed at direct atomic binding yuan/ton in the U.S. interface, and FOB Rotterdam in Europe closed at 200 5 euros/ton. The spot price of the Gulf can be 101 (↓ 2) -102 (↓ 2) cents/gallon through local plastic deformation when the workpiece is loaded in the United States

2. Domestic methanol spot market: general rise

as of press release, the mainstream price in East China is 2450 (↑ 50) -2500 (↑ 30) yuan/ton, the mainstream price in South China is 2420 (↑ 40) -2450 (↑ 50), the mainstream price in North China is 2200 (↑ 200) -2350 (↑ 50) yuan/ton, and the mainstream price in Shandong is 2300 (↑ 50) -2400 (↑ 50) yuan/ton

3. Downstream dynamics: overall rise

dimethyl ether: Hebei Yutai was listed and stabilized at 3450 yuan/ton today. It is reported that if there is any problem in the methanol market, contact us and we will give you better technical support. The impact of the sharp rise in the field will be greatly promoted. At present, the loading price of the manufacturer is difficult to be determined, and it is expected to be increased. The quotation of Pingmei Lantian dimethyl ether was raised to yuan/ton today, with few transaction discounts. At present, driven by the rising cost of methanol, it is expected that it will still be pushed higher in the future

acetic acid: the market quotation of acetic acid in Jiangsu Province is driven by the factory price, and the mainstream negotiation is around yuan/ton. The mainstream negotiation price of acetic acid Market in North China rose to around yuan/ton, and the transaction atmosphere was stable. The mainstream transaction price of acetic acid Market in South China is around yuan/ton, and the market spot supply is normal

4. Warehouse receipt trend analysis: open flat and go high, close up sharply

the main me1003 closed out the Changyang line with a slight upward shadow today, and the trading center continued to move up significantly, closing above 2500, a two month high. The daily chart MA (5,10,20) maintains a multi headed arrangement. According to the 60 minute (hour) diagram, MA (5,10,20) resumes multi head arrangement; The multi head shape is restored above MACD 0 axis, and the operation strategy suggests that the multi orders in the middle line should continue to be held. It is not suitable for heavy positions to catch up. Short line support 2480, 2450, reference pressure 2550, 2600. (personal view, for reference only)

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