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Thinking on promoting the development of circular economy in Zhejiang packaging industry (III)

normal> III. The strategic position of Zhejiang packaging industry

normal the upper crossbeam and the lower device have upper jaws> the packaging industry is an emerging industrial industry between manufacturing and service industry. First of all, it should have a solid foundation in order to provide high-quality services for industrial products, firmly believe that only with ideas can there be a way out, and only with actions can it have a position, Only by mastering the pulse of the times and strategic priorities can the packaging industry play a role in promoting economic development. Taking Zhejiang as an example, in the process of building a strong packaging Province, we should see the existing bottlenecks and contradictions in development, and have more advantages that can be fully utilized

normal>1. The output value and tax profit of Zhejiang packaging industry rank third in the country, the output value of new products ranks first in the country, and the export delivery value ranks third in the country

normal>2. The output of packaging paperboard in Zhejiang ranks first in the country, the production capacity of cartons (boxes) ranks second in the country, and the output of plastic packaging products ranks second in the country. Among them, the output of plastic woven products and biaxial tensile films ranks first in the country, vacuum aluminized products rank first in the country, iron printing metal packaging containers rank first in the country, and the export volume of packaging machinery products ranks second in the country

normal>3. Zhejiang's packaging industry will rely on its regional advantages to provide services to the Yangtze River Delta and its surrounding areas, support each other and develop in a coordinated manner while building the Asian packaging center and enhancing its international competitiveness

normal>4. Zhejiang is leaping from traditional industry to modern industry, so as to improve the independent innovation ability of enterprises, transform and enhance the competitiveness of industrial and agricultural products. In addition, the concentration of domestic and foreign capital and R & D forces will promote the rapid growth of product production and packaging

normal>5. Zhejiang has important international ports, and the container throughput has increased year by year. As a "logistics packaging" of modern logistics, it is imperative to develop

normal plastic engine will be used to finish the race on the racing track>6. The energy-saving society and circular economy put forward new constraints on the packaging industry, which is essentially a new goal and new driving force for the development of the packaging industry

normal>7. Zhejiang has initially established a system of packaging education, scientific research cooperation and vocational training, mobilizing the strength of the whole society and increasing investment in education and scientific research, which will be more conducive to the establishment of a strong packaging Province in Zhejiang

In short, the packaging industry in Zhejiang Province will enter a new stage of integration, upgrading and all-round development. According to the overall economic cycle at home and abroad and the development goals of China's packaging industry, we should adhere to the scientific concept of development to guide the packaging industry, adhere to the new road of industrialization, adhere to the implementation of the "August 8th strategy" and the comprehensive construction of "safe Zhejiang". We should take the development trend of international packaging industry and national industrial policies as the guidance, take independent innovation as the driving force, take improving the overall quality and competitiveness of the industry as the goal, and focus on the construction of Asian packaging center, and spare no effort to build an advanced manufacturing base. While improving the processing supporting capacity of the packaging industry in the province, gradually implement the transformation of packaging products from traditional processing technology to advanced and applicable technology, and realize the production base of processing raw materials in the packaging industry, the integration of science, industry and trade, the intensification of industrial layout, and the quality of packaging products. It will take about 10-15 years for Zhejiang to take the lead in developing from a big packaging province to a strong packaging province. And form core competitiveness and gain competitive advantage; Form a reasonable industrial organization structure and improve the overall layout of the industry; Form the ability of independent innovation and build a domestic leading R & D system; Form a green packaging industry and realize the sustainable development of the industry; Form a perfect standard system and create a well-known brand of packaging products; Build Zhejiang into the center of Asian packaging industry

normal> IV. the strategic significance of developing circular economy in Zhejiang packaging industry

normal> circular economy is a new development concept and a new economic growth model widely respected and practiced by the modern international community. It is a new sustainable economic growth model with the core of efficient utilization and recycling of resources, the principle of "reduction, reuse and recycling", and the basic characteristics of low consumption, low emissions and high efficiency

normal> industrial circular economy is the main content of circular economy. At present, industrial production has become the core of social production activities. Relying on a large amount of consumption of energy and natural resources to promote the industrialization into an unconventional process, while promoting rapid economic growth, it also makes economic growth more and more constrained by the affordability of resources and environment. How to realize the sustainable and rapid development of industrial production under the constraints of resources and environment, take an economical road and build an economical society is a problem that must be solved in the process of industrialization and modernization. Therefore, accelerate the development of industrial circular economy and build Bayer materials technology. At the 2015 international polyurethane Exhibition (UTECH Europe), it focused on the ecological balance of hard foam manufacturing in the field of thermal insulation

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