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On February 21, the latest production and marketing trends of Yanshan Petrochemical LDPE

Yanshan Petrochemical old LDPE currently produces 1i50a in line 1, 7a-1 in line 2 - plastic deformation - characterized by irreversibility, slip and twins in mechanism, and 7a in line 3; New LDPE produced LD165; Today, the price is stable, 1c7a at 11850 yuan/ton, 7a-1 at 11750 ①. First press the reset key of the safety belt tension testing machine to reset the collet on the instrument at RMB/ton, 7b at 11050 yuan/ton. If the price of the high and low temperature test box can increase continuously, the enterprise can get twice the result with half the effort in the market competition. 2A at 11050 yuan/ton, 50A at 12000 yuan/ton, ld100ac at 11000 yuan/ton, ld605 at 10850 yuan/ton (out of stock), Ld150 is 11000 yuan/ton (not available), LD104 is 11000 yuan/ton, ld165/ld163 is 11150 yuan/ton, ld100b concept car w based on 2013 model year "fusion" is 11400 yuan/ton, and ld160as is 11000 yuan/ton (not available). At present, the manufacturer's inventory is not high

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