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Industry giants participated in the 2008 Lihua international soft packaging exhibition, which attracted the attention of the industry

since its inception, Lihua international soft packaging exhibition has attracted the attention and participation of people in the soft packaging industry at home and abroad with its high professionalism. Now, as an annual event in the field of soft packaging with great scale and influence in China and even Asia, the 2008 Lihua international soft packaging exhibition is about to open in Dongguan Houjie, an important town in the Pearl River Delta

different from other comprehensive exhibitions, 2008 Lihua international soft packaging exhibition will continue the successful experience of previous exhibitions, take soft packaging as the sole theme of the exhibition, and help visitors understand the development orientation of the global soft packaging market through the bottom-up penetration of the supply chain of the whole soft packaging industry and from the needs of soft packaging users

it is reported that Lihua international upholstery Exhibition 2008 will warmly invite world-renowned upholstery equipment and consumables suppliers to participate in it, and fully show the new technologies, new products and new solutions of the upholstery industry's pre press, printing and post press processes. A variety of equipment and consumables of different specifications will appear on the scene, which can be described as a big gathering of global upholstery industry elites. As of March, 2008, more than 80% of the booths have been sold out. Tani, Zhongshan Songde, Shantou Huaying, Shantou Shanzhang, Shunde Debao, Weinan Jiate, Chunqiu technology, Nanjing Anshun, Jiayuan Electromechanical, Ruian Zhengwei, Dalian Dingsheng, Wuhan Jinyi, Wuhan Tianhe, Ruian Chuangwei, Hainan sanuo, North China aluminum, Beijing GAOMENG, aerospace chemistry, Jinan Languang, Shanghai Zidong, Toyo textile and other most representative enterprises in the industry will appear one after another

according to the current development trend of China's and even the global upholstery market, 2008 Lihua international upholstery exhibition will vigorously expand the overseas market. Many overseas well-known associations have determined to strongly support this Lihua international upholstery exhibition, and said that they will organize a strong viewing team at that time, including the European adhesive manufacturers association (FEICA), the European flexible packaging Alliance (FEDES), the European printing ink Association (EuPIA) Overseas well-known professional associations such as the global PET polyester film manufacturers' Association (AMPEF), the Italian flexible packaging Association (giflex), and the Taiwan, China synthetic resin binder Industry Association will work with the organizers to seek cooperation

calculate the area; The following formula can be used to calculate the annual demand rate of more than 600000 tons of cross-section shortened film of low carbon steel

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