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Industry downturn Sany group repositioned the domestic market through diversification

industry downturn Sany group repositioned the domestic market through diversification

China Construction machinery information

Guide: in recent years, China's construction machinery industry has ended its ultra-high growth in previous years and entered a period of adjustment. Overcapacity and insufficient market demand have become common problems faced by industry enterprises. In the face of this situation, Sany group, one of the large-scale domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises, has frequently made efforts to diversify in recent years

in recent years, China's construction machinery industry has ended its ultra-high growth in previous years and entered a period of adjustment. Overcapacity and insufficient market demand have become common problems faced by industry enterprises. In the face of this situation, Sany group, one of the large-scale domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises, has frequently made efforts to diversify the industrial layout in recent years, from the initial heavy industry to heavy machinery, and then to the heavy truck, bus and even communication equipment manufacturing industry. Now it aims at national key projects, expands to the fields of large port machinery, mixing ships and so on, and strives to develop a new blue ocean for the development of enterprises

ocean dream holds the rise of Sany port machinery

for Sany port machinery, 2014 is destined to be an extraordinary year. At the beginning of the year, Sany group made a decision to make key investment in Hong Kong Machinery Company. In the past 2013, Sany Hong Kong Machinery Co., Ltd. lived up to expectations, with sales exceeding 1billion yuan and achieved remarkable results

Peng Guocheng, general manager of Sany port machinery and one of its main founders, said that in 2004, he transferred from the research field of concrete machinery to the research of port machinery. At that time, in the Chinese market, more than 85% of products such as front cranes and stackers were occupied by foreign enterprises such as karma in Sweden, fantes in Italy and Terex in the United States, and domestic brands had no say

despite the adverse situation, Peng Guocheng was keenly aware of the strong market demand in this blue ocean. With an indomitable spirit, Sany port machinery company was officially established in 2005

in just three years, the sales of Sany Hong Kong Machinery Co., Ltd. has been rising all the way. In 2008, Sany port machinery achieved sales of 340million yuan, accounting for more than 30% of the domestic market share at one stroke, and the domestic market share jumped to the second place

from 2009 to 2013, Sany Hong Kong Machinery Co., Ltd. firmly occupied the first place in market sales in the Chinese market. In fact, in the field of domestic logistics machinery, the market share of Sany port machinery is as high as 65%~70%, firmly ranking first in the industry. All these achievements depend on the strong core competitiveness of Sany port machinery

it is understood that the proportion of logistics costs in China's GDP is twice that of the United States. High logistics costs affect the economic development of countries with dimensions of (15 ± 0.1) mm wide and (100 ± 1) mm long. All along, Sany port machinery has taken "reducing logistics costs" as its own responsibility. In the process of development, it has made joint efforts in technology, management, production and other aspects, and has made a breakthrough in the field of logistics machinery in the form of "combined fist"

At the same time, Sany Port Machinery Co., Ltd. has improved and improved the complete set of technology and customer differentiation, and developed intelligent terminal management technology to make unremitting efforts to reduce logistics costs. This is mainly used to check whether the materials meet the specified standards and study the performance of the materials. Besides, Sany is at the leading level in the industry in terms of after-sales service and parts supply

after four updates, at the end of 2013, Sany Hong Kong Machinery launched the H8 series products jointly developed by the Chinese and German R & D teams, making a comprehensive breakthrough in eight performance indicators, marking the comprehensive surpassing of Sany Hong Kong machinery products over European and American brands

according to Peng Guocheng, at present, in Zhuhai Industrial Park, the quayside bridge orders queued up by SANY port machinery have exceeded 200million yuan. Meanwhile, in the sales of Hong Kong machinery products in 2013, more than 30% of the sales came from international market orders

in just a few years since 2011, Sany shore bridge has won the favor of China with its good brand image and leading core technology, which makes the equipment unable to work in international markets such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, and continues to win international orders. At present, Sany marine heavy industry has received orders from Saudi Arabia, Latvia, Indonesia and other countries, with a total value of more than 200million yuan

another major breakthrough in the field of marine engineering equipment

the solid foundation laid by the port machinery business has provided "fertile soil" for Sany to enter marine heavy industry

on December 26, 2013, a mixing ship "Haozhou concrete 1", developed by SANY ocean heavy industry, with a length of 69.9 meters, a width of 25 meters, a depth of 4.8 meters, and an hourly production of 360 cubic meters of concrete, arrived in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province and was delivered to users

the concrete mixing vessel is an engineering barge with a shipboard concrete mixing station. The equipment is mainly used for the construction of sea crossing bridges, island and reef development, shoreline preparation, artificial island construction, ports and wharves and other water projects. The "Haozhou concrete 1" developed by SANY is the most advanced concrete mixing ship in China at present, and is known as the "water mobile concrete production plant". The so-called elimination method is a method to judge the cause of the fault by pulling and plugging some plug-in boards and devices in the machine. The project is the first engineering ship project of Sany marine heavy industry, and it is also an important step for Sany to actively respond to the national marine strategy and move towards the marine engineering machinery sector

according to the introduction, "Haozhou concrete 1", a "Big Mac", is mainly composed of a distributing rod, a mixing building, a material warehouse, a generator room, a supply motor, a living building and other parts. Its main working principle is that the materials are supplied to the silo by the crane, weighed to the belt conveyor, transported to the mixing plant for mixing, the concrete is discharged to the delivery pump, and then the delivery pump pumps the materials into the distribution rod, and finally the distribution rod is designated for pouring

Jiang sanding, vice president of Sany Marine Heavy Industry Research Institute, said that the maximum displacement of this concrete mixing ship is more than 6000 tons, which is customized for Zhejiang customers. The core part of the mixing vessel is developed and manufactured by SANY Marine Heavy Industry Zhuhai base, and its technology in the field of concrete is jointly developed by SANY marine heavy industry research institute and sany pumping Research Institute. The joint development effectively combines the international leading technology accumulated by SANY in the land equipment manufacturing industry with the core R & D capability of engineering ships, and rapidly improves the technical level of such products

according to Jiang sanding, "Haozhou concrete 1" can realize 360 cubic meters of concrete pumping and pouring operations per hour. It is the most advanced concrete mixing ship in China at present. It is at the domestic leading level in terms of displacement, warehouse capacity, production efficiency, distribution radius, green environmental protection and other performance indicators, and some indicators are internationally advanced

"in the next step, the company will continue to improve the technology of the first mixing vessel, making it an internationally competitive and globally leading product." According to Li Zhongyin, vice president of Sany group, Sany ocean heavy industry will also combine the leading advantages of the group in land engineering equipment to develop engineering ship products such as crane boats and pile driving boats

industry experts said that China and the global marine economy will inevitably need more advanced and reliable modern equipment, and the field of marine engineering equipment has great prospects for development. It is reported that in 2012, Sany Group officially entered the field of marine engineering, and set foot in three business segments: port machinery, engineering ships and marine equipment. At present, the head crane, stacker and other flow machine products of the port machinery business department have achieved import substitution in the Chinese market, and the large port machinery products such as field bridge, shore bridge and gate seat have also made breakthroughs

according to the national medium and long term development plan for offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industry, the annual sales revenue of offshore engineering manufacturing industry reached more than 200billion yuan in 2015 and more than 400billion yuan in 2020. It is estimated that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the market scale of China's offshore equipment will expand six times, and the compound growth rate of the industry will reach 46%

Sany group chose to attack in an all-round way, dispersing its limited resources, including funds, talents and other resources on a broad battlefield, and at the same time, it launched a comprehensive competition with many competitors in different fields

according to the analysis of some consultants, if you concentrate on smashing oneortwo directions, Sany may gain some success, but if you don't do much in each piece, you are likely to be "broken one by one" in the competition. There is nothing wrong with choosing diversification or multi business expansion. The key is to choose the mode. Relatively speaking, the "sequence method" with first and then may be better than the "attack from all sides", because the sequence method itself is a process of gradual extension of core capabilities or gradual establishment of new core capabilities. At the same time, when expansion is frustrated and the front needs to be contracted, the leaders must also have the courage to correct mistakes in time and even "break the wrist"

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