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Application of alpha frequency converter in air compressor

Application of alpha frequency converter in air compressor

Introduction to compressor

compressors are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises. Green environmental protection has become a top priority in all walks of life. The capacity of motors is generally large, and most of them operate continuously all year round, so there is great potential for power saving. Common compressors are as follows according to the different application occasions:

1, air compressor - providing air power source to relevant equipment; 2

2, refrigeration compressor - used for freezing, refrigeration, ice making, fresh preservation, etc

3, air conditioning compressor - refrigeration, refrigeration frozen water, etc

4, gas compressor - manufacturing oxygen, ammonia, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc

5, energy conservation and emission reduction are expected to stimulate investment in special compressors in new energy vehicles, vehicle lightweight, vehicle exhaust catalysis, high-speed rail, urban rail and other fields. Domestic enterprises have not formed industries in this regard, such as gas, acetylene gas, etc

if the mechanical properties cannot meet the standard, the process flow

system parameters

system characteristics

the energy-saving effect is obvious. The no-load current of the air compressor before the transformation is about 230V, and after the transformation, the no-load current is only about 20a, and the power-saving rate is more than 43%

the protection function is complete, the motor is soft start, the starting current is relatively small, and the service life of the motor is extended

the number of times the air compressor is loaded is reduced, so the impact of the motor on the mechanical part of the powder compressor is reduced, and the service life of the equipment is prolonged

maintain constant pressure and improve product quality

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