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The 20th anniversary celebration of 2013 South China International Printing Exhibition was held in Yangcheng. How can industry giants gather in Yangcheng? The "24th Hong Kong Printing awards" tour exhibition Liding South China exhibition was hosted by Guangdong Provincial Publishing Bureau, China Foreign Trade Center (Group), Yashi Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Provincial Publishing group, The most influential exhibition in China -- "the 20th South China International Printing Industry Exhibition" (hereinafter referred to as: 2013 South China International Printing Exhibition, printing South China) will be held in the exhibition hall of China Import and Export Commodities Fair in Pazhou, Guangzhou from March 4 to 6, 2013. Adhering to the achievements of 20 years, the total area of the exhibition in 2013 will reach 90000 square meters, with the speed regulation system installed under the workbench. It is expected to attract nearly 60000 professional visitors, experts, well-known suppliers at home and abroad, as well as representatives of large-scale user enterprises, and gather in South China with 1200 exhibitors. It is the preferred business platform for domestic and global suppliers to communicate face to face with buyers, stay close to industry trends, and drive the development of the printing and packaging market. 2013 ushered in the 20th anniversary celebration of the exhibition, which greatly improved the scale, popularity and concurrent activities of the exhibition

the number of exhibitors increased strongly. 1000 well-known enterprises participated in the exhibition

the exhibition was warmly responded by printing and packaging enterprises at home and abroad, including a large number of well-known exhibitors, including MBO, Martini, Xuheng, Han's Guanhua, Shanghai Zihong, Dragan, Weihai printing, China Eastern Airlines, Germany steel, Hongming, Chengming, Nanjiang, Zhengrun, Jinbao, fangbang, tiancen, ZHENGBO, Guangming, Aoke, Beida Fangzheng, Kelei, kengseng, Huqiu image Kejingcheng, ideal, poly, Dongxin, etc. (in no order). Now the booth is about to be sold out, and a small number of reserved booths are in hot reservation

"the 24th Hong Kong Printing awards" roving exhibition made its debut in China

the Hong Kong Printing awards, jointly organized by the Hong Kong Printing Association, the Hong Kong Publishing Association and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, is one of the most comprehensive printing awards in Hong Kong, and also the most large-scale competition that reflects publishing, design and printing technology. His works have been exhibited around Hong Kong and will be exhibited around the world. This South China exhibition is the first exhibition station in China. The participants of the printing award have strong data Zui big value, Zui small value, uniform value, net energy, turn back energy, total energy, tortuous modulus, breakpoint displacement x% load, breakpoint load x% displacement, and other competitions and award-winning works, including "luxury packaging gift boxes" and "non box paper packaging products", It makes perfect cooperation with the special area of "paper products processing and carton packaging" which is the hot spot of this exhibition

the activities in the same period shine brightly, reflecting diversification and specialization

packaging and printing also proposed that the development of China's waste foam granulator is the current industry hot spot and the profit growth point of the future market. The organizer is close to the needs of buyers, and cooperates with industry associations and mainstream media in the industry to hold a series of high-quality special seminars and simultaneous activities. These include:

"seminar on innovative application of packaging and printing technology"

jointly held with Guangdong Packaging Association to explore an exchange platform with the theme of drug supervision code technology, promotion and application of cold pressing technology, and the combination of digital printing and post printing

"annual meeting of Guangzhou publishing and printing industry association"

the exhibition held the annual meeting of Guangzhou publishing and printing industry association at the same time, and more than 100 printing enterprises came to discuss the development prospects of the printing industry in Guangdong Province

"creative printing culture" exhibition area

Shenzhen printing society organized top 100 printing enterprises to make on-site exhibitions to present various creative printing and packaging products to the audience, reflecting the perfect combination of the new generation of printing and culture, coupled with the recommendation of new products and new technologies, and interact with the on-site audience

the printing associations of all provinces and cities have made great efforts to support the strong buyer groups to gather at the scene.

South China International Printing Exhibition has been highly recognized by the industry for 20 years. At the same time, the "2013 China International label printing technology exhibition" (Sino label 2013), "the 20th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition" (Sino pack 2013) and "2013 China (Guangzhou) international packaging products Museum" (pack inno 2013) were held. Eight exhibition halls were built for printing The whole industry chain of labels and packaging. To celebrate the 20th anniversary. The organizer has invited visiting groups from more than 100 printing, label printing and packaging industry associations in various provinces and cities in China, as well as powerful buyer groups organized by top 100 well-known terminal enterprises of printing; The invitation covers Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Shunde, Shantou, Fujian, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Ningbo, Zhengzhou, Guangxi, Xiamen, Jiangsu and other regions. Overseas, it has also established contacts with more than 20 overseas printing and packaging associations, and increased the invitation to overseas visiting groups from Southeast Asia, Brazil, Russia, South America and other countries

if you want to inquire about the exhibition details, please contact Yashi Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. (domestic exhibitors) miss Ren Min,: (0755) 88265697; Miss liubingjie,: (0755) 88265619, fax: (0755) 82326252; (Overseas) miss Du Jingxian,: (00852) 28118897, fax: (00852) 25165024, email: pfp@ or China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation: Miss Zhou Xiaoxiao,: (020) 89128268; Miss Liu Ying: (020) 89128283; or browse the exhibition page

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