Application of the hottest aluminum profile softwa

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The specific business process of aluminum profile software application is as follows:

1) scientific production scheduling is carried out by calling the sales order data and combining the inventory status of the required mold, the applicable machine and machine load

2) provide auxiliary production scheduling to adjust the extrusion order of profiles, realize the priority of urgent and key profiles, and strengthen the coordination of production

3) track the completion of the extrusion workshop to avoid blind production without following the established production plan

4) it provides the function of canceling and adjusting the profile that does not need to be produced or needs to be transferred to other machines, so as to solve the adjustment due to special circumstances

5) Yes, 2 The extruded profiles with low precision of the universal testing machine are weighed and aged. When weighing, the weight, meter weight and support weight of each profile in the frame can be automatically calculated by entering the total weight of the whole frame

6) carry out quality inspection on extruded profiles that can count the experimental data (or after aging) of multiple samples in the same group. The quality inspection results can be followed up in real time, and the production can be rescheduled according to the number of rework

7) record the operation of the mold, including the aluminum rod used, the produced profile, the reason for changing the mold, and the bonding of the mortar base plate by using an appropriate adhesive to install a 10 word lap

8) the position management of profile aging tool records the implementation of the whole aging process in detail, and it is convenient to query the furnace entry time, furnace exit time, aging output and other aging process control of profile

9) by providing a series of reports such as various extrusion production, capacity analysis, mold, aluminum rod use records, we can intuitively understand the production progress, output, yield and other data of each machine and team, and reasonably control the consumption of production materials

10) provide real-time monitoring tools for each extruder. The monitoring range includes the rated capacity, scheduled output, completed quantity, unfinished quantity, waste products and other data of the extruder. The production situation of multiple extruders is clear at a glance

11) manage the requisition of production materials in the extrusion workshop, and count the inventory of various materials (including aluminum rods, tools, etc.) required by the workshop

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