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Changle County, Weifang city accelerates its industry towards high-end intelligent manufacturing

Changle County, Weifang city accelerates its industry towards high-end intelligent manufacturing

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the emergence of big data, IOT, information communication, digital manufacturing and 3D technology has caused profound changes in the field of traditional manufacturing. In the face of the overwhelming wave of intellectualization, Changle County actively adjusted its development plan, complied with the development trend of digitalization, networking inlay, cold inlay and hot inlay, and intellectualization, promoted the development of intelligent manufacturing industry, and focused on building Changle printing industry 4.0

traditional industries connect with intelligent manufacturing and promote the integration of informatization and industrialization. In the automobile manufacturing industry, steel materials are used to produce engine gear parts. The heating temperature of parts can reach 1300 degrees Celsius, and the ambient temperature is not lower than 50 degrees Celsius, which is not suitable for manual completion. The robot produced by Weifang Xishui robot science and Technology Co., Ltd. in Changle County can be used in this high-temperature work link instead of manual work, and the result of substitution is to realize intelligent manufacturing. In addition to Xishui robot, the industrial robot independently designed and programmed by Shandong mining machinery group in this county has also been successfully applied to fields such as difficult welding and underground operation

cultivating new business forms such as intelligent manufacturing and personalized customization is a necessary way to rebuild the development advantages of industrial industry. In recent years, Changle County has increased the integration and penetration of information technology in R & D and design, production and manufacturing, sales and service, improved the automation and intelligence level of the industrial industry, and rebuilt the new advantages of industrial development with strategic determination. Especially at present, the industrial development of Changle County has reached an important juncture of climbing over the ridge. The new normal forces the industries with good energy-saving effects to speed up the transformation and upgrading. The traditional manufacturing industry of the county, focusing on the two directions of "high-end manufacturing" and "intelligent manufacturing", actively integrates new concepts and new models such as industry 4.0 and made in China 2015, promotes the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, and accelerates the process of new-type industrialization

intelligent industrial parks create new economic growth points under the new normal. In order to seize the opportunity of national efforts to ① green synthetic technology lines, promote the development of intelligent manufacturing industry, promote the large-scale and Clustered Development of intelligent manufacturing industry in the county, and speed up the pace of industrial structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading, Changle County actively prepares to build an intelligent manufacturing industrial park to promote the centralized development of industrial parks

Changle Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park focuses on introducing five types of manufacturing projects, including equipment manufacturing industry, industrial robot production, and CNC machine tool production. Priority is given to high-tech enterprises or enterprises with scientific and technological innovation and R & D platforms at or above the provincial level and enterprises with a large number of independent intellectual property rights and high quality. Enterprises that meet the entry conditions and settle in the intelligent manufacturing industrial park are also given financial support for purchase and rental

mechanism guarantee promotes the intelligent manufacturing industry to comprehensively improve quality and speed. Changle County plans the intelligent manufacturing industry together with modern education, health care, cultural tourism, modern logistics and headquarters economy to form six emerging industries that support the development of Changle. For these six industries, Changle County implements an industry by industry policy, strengthens planning guidance, prioritizes land use indicators, actively promotes the listing and financing of industrial leading enterprises, promotes bank enterprise cooperation, innovates financing models, and solves financing problems, The county finance allocated 10million yuan of special funds for industrial development of intelligent manufacturing industry

the development of intelligent manufacturing industry cannot be separated from good platform support. In order to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing industry, Changle County has established an industrial development leading organization and a coordination mechanism to determine the specific support of county-level leaders for the intelligent manufacturing industry, establish an industrial development promotion organization, formulate specific industrial development implementation opinions, coordinate and solve the problems existing in the industrial development, further optimize the workflow, establish the corresponding work promotion mechanism, and achieve the goal of having a team, a plan, a key project library There are accounts of backbone enterprises to ensure the implementation of various policies and measures and comprehensively improve the service level

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