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Industrial innovation and environmental protection first, and major component manufacturers enter the green era

what is the most expensive in the 21st century? In addition to talents, there is also environment and energy. After hundreds of years of rapid development at the cost of massive consumption of energy resources, people have never missed green waters and mountains on such a large scale for thousands of years. During the 10th Electronic Exhibition of the high tech fair, elexcon interviewed many senior managers of major component manufacturers. They all said that now, from development and design, material procurement, production and manufacturing, to warehousing, transportation and supply, green has penetrated every corner of major manufacturers, and the electronic component industry has begun to enter the green era

as we all know, every electronic product around us contains hundreds of electronic components, even if each component contains only a small amount of harmful substances, when a large number of end products are put into use and eventually scrapped, it will have a huge impact on the environment; Even if each component consumes only a little more energy when it is produced or used, when hundreds of millions of components go out of the factory and start working, the energy consumed must be extremely amazing

therefore, reducing harmful chemicals and environmental load substances contained in components and improving the production efficiency and conversion efficiency of components and parts has become a necessary work for every component manufacturer. Mr. Nan yanzao, the general director of TDK China business department, once told elexcon that TDK pays great attention to limiting chemical substances in the process of product design and production. What are the problems that should be paid attention to in the installation of tensile testing machine? Source recycling and energy conservation. TDK also formulated the "4. TDK product environmental assurance benchmark before loading the test piece" in 2002, and actively carried out the comprehensive abolition of products containing prohibited chemicals according to this benchmark. At the end of 2004, it successfully completed the relevant work on general electronic components. At the upcoming Electronic Exhibition of the 11th high tech fair, TDK will take "environmental protection of the earth" as the theme, show TDK's strong technical advantages in environmental protection through excellent environmental protection products and environmental protection countermeasures in the fields of LED, automotive electronics, flat panel television, environmentally friendly housing, power supply, etc., and will also bring the introduction of solar power generation and the real machine demonstration of wind turbines for the first time

Murata, another major component manufacturer, has also been working hard to reduce the environmental burden. According to its introduction, Murata will evaluate the environmental impact of products at all stages of product development, and the developed products will never contain toxic substances prohibited by the environmental protection directive; In addition, Murata will further develop miniaturized products and new CO2 recovery systems

similar to it are Taiyo Yuden and toko. In terms of system, solar power has introduced OHSAS18001, ISO9001, TS16949, ISO14001 and other certification systems. In terms of production process, it has formulated the working policy of "safety first, compliance with regulations, improving energy efficiency, 100% yield, and even for resource reuse between different materials to achieve minimum emissions", In terms of products, the goal of "high quality, low power consumption, small volume and elimination of harmful substances" is formulated, which can meet the needs of users in the traditional petrochemical industry to develop, develop and test various medium and high-grade series of hydraulic oil, internal combustion engine oil and gear oil. Toko also first considers to provide lead-free components that comply with ROHS directives when designing products, and focuses on CO2 emission reduction in the manufacturing process; In addition, they also made provisions for manufacturers of raw materials to meet the needs of green design

like the example set by these leading manufacturers, green components have become the general trend. Many developed countries have legislated to ban these harmful substances and promote green environmental protection. For other small and medium-sized electronic component manufacturers, only when their products meet the green environmental protection standards as soon as possible can they improve their international competitiveness, stabilize the market and take the lead in the crisis

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