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Industrial Fulian: it plans to acquire Hon Hai Precision's U.S. subsidiary for $77.63 million

on the evening of March 18, industrial Fulian announced that it plans to acquire related assets such as projects under construction (plants under construction, data centers under construction) held by AFE, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hon Hai Precision) with its own funds through its wholly-owned subsidiary FII USA Inc, The transaction price is 77.629 million US dollars, which has excellent chemical corrosion resistance

industry Fulian pointed out that due to the impact of the COVID-19, the demand for office, education and entertainment in North America is explosive. Its production method is to mix porous media with phase change materials in molten state, and the demand of local cloud computing service providers for servers will increase. At present, its factory capacity in the United States is dominated by brand customers, which cannot meet the needs of this part of cloud computing service providers, Therefore, there is an urgent need to expand local manufacturing capacity in the United States

at the same time, in order to better realize local production and supply, timely meet the needs of local customers, and save the time cost of self built projects, industrial Fulian plans to expand its manufacturing capacity in North America as soon as possible by acquiring the projects under construction of related parties

in addition, in addition to this related party transaction, from February 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021, ASTM D and other related parties, industrial Fulian and Hon Hai Precision and its subsidiaries, and joint ventures and other related parties have incurred non daily related party transactions totaling 372611700 yuan

after the completion of this transaction, according to U.S. law, FII USA Inc. still needs to lease the land of the industrial park where the project under construction is located. Fewidevelopment Corporation, a related party controlled by Hon Hai, the land owner, leases it at cost price. The estimated lease cost is 670000 US dollars/year

in the future, industrial Fulian will form a more reasonable industrial structure, production capacity layout and a broader customer base in North America, and the overall strength and anti risk ability of the company will be further enhanced

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