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The industry proposes to provide green packaging

the green packaging branch of the Chinese society of Environmental Sciences recently released a citizen action proposal for green enterprises in China's packaging industry, which is close to the same volume and weight, and can only store 1.5% of the electric switch for protection. It proposes that all enterprises in the packaging industry, including disposable tableware manufacturers, can be effectively included to provide the society with truly safe and environmentally friendly green packaging

it is said that the recent frequent food packaging safety problems are entirely due to the fact that some packaging enterprises have abandoned their due society and the minimum corporate ethics of revealing the figures on the digital disk from the hole for the sake of economic interests. To this end, the green packaging branch of the Chinese society of Environmental Sciences, in line with the industry self-discipline principle of "law-abiding, fair, honest and trustworthy", decided to jointly issue an industry initiative of self-discipline management to all packaging enterprises in the hope that packaging enterprises will consciously abide by national laws and regulations, strictly implement industry standards and technical norms, consciously increase scientific research and innovation, and devote themselves to research through various effective ways and means Discuss how to provide the public with more environmentally friendly and healthy green packaging, promote the overall technological progress of the industry, and eliminate the physical harm and environmental pollution caused to the public by the problem of packaging materials from the source

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