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Lanzhou industry has entered the era of "Internet +"

with a click of the mouse, you can clearly view each production process link on the production line on the display screen, so that everything is under the control of "heavenly eye". This is the product of the integration of information technology and manufacturing industry in the scientific and technological revolution and the trend of industrial change in the era of industrial interconnection. It can not only promote the transformation of old and new kinetic energy and the transformation and upgrading of regional economy, but also open up new fields for the industrial interconnection revolution formed by the application of interconnection technology to industrial production, so that enterprises can improve efficiency and reduce inefficiency and waste in the production process

according to Lanzhou, in recent years, Lanzhou has vigorously promoted the "interconnection +" action in the integrated development of interconnection and manufacturing, taking the development of industrial interconnection as an important starting point to speed up the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, which has promoted the integrated development of interconnection and manufacturing

complete the target task of "broadband China" in advance

in the process of industrial interconnection, Lanzhou has strengthened overall planning and coordination, promoted top-level design, and issued the action plan for the development of industrial interconnection in Lanzhou (2018-2020), which aims to improve the development level of industrial interconnection in Lanzhou from four aspects: consolidating the development foundation of industrial interconnection, building industrial interconnection platforms, carrying out industrial interconnection integration and innovation, and strengthening industrial interconnection security, Promote the improvement of quality and efficiency, transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. Through the implementation of relevant fund support policies, industrial enterprises are encouraged to actively participate in the implementation of the national integration management system and the establishment of municipal intelligent factories (Digital workshops), guide enterprises to carry out intelligent transformation, increase the application of intelligent equipment, big data, artificial intelligence, new generation information technology in product research and development, production control, business management, logistics marketing and other links, and comprehensively improve the informatization level of enterprises

according to the relevant person in charge of Lanzhou Municipal Commission of industry and information technology, by improving the information infrastructure, vigorously promoting the upgrading and transformation, and promoting the construction of "broadband China" demonstration cities and "optical cities". As of June 2018, the optical ports in Lanzhou had reached 3.7939 million lines, covering 1.068 million households. More than 17300 mobile communication base stations have been built, including 15300 4G base stations. At present, the urban export bandwidth of the city has been increased to more than 2200g, the broadband access capacity of Urban Households at 20MBps and above has reached 99.86%, the broadband access capacity of rural households at 4Mbps and above has reached 100%, the penetration rate of fixed broadband households plus green intelligent means and intelligent systems and other emerging technologies has reached 99.5%, and the optical fiber access rate of administrative villages has reached 100%. We will complete the target tasks set by the "broadband China" demonstration city of the Ministry of industry and information technology in advance

the production cost of smart factories has been significantly reduced

not long ago, three enterprises, Lanzhou Haihong, Lanshi group and Gansu Electric Power, passed the implementation evaluation of the national integration of industrialization and industrialization management system. This marks that Lanzhou is in the forefront of the province in the deep integration of industrialization and informatization

according to the introduction, the integration of industrialization and informatization refers to the deep integration of industrialization and informatization, focusing on the development of high value-added industrial chain links such as R & D, design, sales and management, so as to achieve the agglomeration of high-end industrial links and rapid industrial growth. Lanzhou has achieved a new breakthrough in the in-depth implementation of the standards for the integration of industrialization and industrialization, and promoted the gradual improvement of the development quality of the integration of industrialization and industrialization in the city. During this period, 17 enterprises including Gansu Qizheng Tibetan medicine, Lanzhou Dingjin and Lanzhou Zhengda were recognized by the Ministry of industry and information technology as pilot enterprises for the implementation of the national industrialization and industrialization integration management system

in order to scale up and meet the standards of the two chemical integration enterprises, Lanzhou implemented benchmarking evaluation on the two chemical integration enterprises to find out the gap. In 2018, a total of 200 key enterprises were organized to participate in the diagnosis and benchmarking of the two chemical integration evaluation, sort out and publicize the new cultivation ability under the conditions of enterprise standard implementation and informatization, promote the informatization construction of key enterprises, and encourage industrial enterprises to research, develop, design and produce the fixtures needed by enterprises, which are made of 5 flowers and 8 doors Enterprise management and other links have carried out intelligent quality improvement and transformation for many years, and intelligent transformation has helped enterprises improve quality and efficiency. In 2018, a total of 3 Smart factories were established, including the heat exchange equipment smart factory of Lanshi group, the electrolytic aluminum smart factory of Aluminum Corporation of China Lanzhou Branch, and 9 digital workshops, including the normal temperature yogurt digital workshop of Lanzhou Yili Dairy Co., Ltd. and the traditional Chinese medicine extraction digital workshop of Lanzhou Fuci Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. At the same time, the intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration of petroleum equipment of Lanshi group won the 2018 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project of the Ministry of industry and information technology. The aluminum electrolysis intelligent plant of Chalco Lanzhou Branch has improved the level of refined and intelligent management and control of operation, and reduced the operating cost of the enterprise. After the implementation of the project, the annual human cost has been reduced by 3.3 million yuan, 200000 tons of water has been saved, and about 630000 cubic meters of natural gas has been saved

enterprise business systems migrate to the "cloud"

build Lanzhou Industrial interconnection platform, and encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to make full use of cloud design, cloud production, cloud production, cloud detection, software supermarket, solutions, donor docking and other cloud applications and services of Lanzhou Industrial interconnection platform, so as to realize the migration of enterprise business systems to the cloud and reduce the cost of digitalization and intelligent transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, In order to comprehensively promote the integrated development of manufacturing industry and Internet, and speed up the tradition, today we introduce the use and operation points of high-frequency fatigue testing machine, which provides a platform support for industrial transformation and upgrading

according to the relevant person in charge of Lanzhou, Lanzhou Industrial interconnection has been basically completed, and platform promotion is being carried out in all districts and counties. So far, 31 key software models have been launched on the platform, and 64 key enterprises above Designated Size have been registered. The construction of "one library and three platforms" industrial control network has realized real-time perception, accurate research and judgment and scientific decision-making of the operation status and potential risks of important industrial control systems of key enterprises in the city. Up to now, Lanzhou monitoring network, emergency resource database, simulation test, information sharing and information notification platform have been basically completed

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