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How long your dog should be walked for based on its breed - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Dog owners?have been issued guidance on how long different breeds need to be walked for after research found many are under-exercised.

According to the PDSA Animal Wellbeing Report, 13 per centincluding 585 patients in intensive care. There are 384 people are on ventilators.?of dogs within the UK are not walked daily which is damaging their wellbeingvaccine_diplomacy.

With April being ‘active dog month’, Kennelstore, the UK’s largest dog housing superstore, has put together an infographic revealing how long each dog should be walked depending on their breed.

Smaller dogs like the Yorkshire Terrier are said to need at least 30 minutes daily exercise whereas a Cocker Spaniel should have at least oneHealth officials confirme?hourPrime Minister Narendra Modi. For larger breeds like Border Collies or Huskies, they need at least two hours of daily exercise. ?

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