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On the first day of the Guangzhou Construction Expo, Marge made a wonderful appearance in the venue of the competition for hundreds of boats and thousands of sails with her unique customized exhibition hall, which was highly sought after and showed the style and charm of the industry leader

in July, with constant passion, the 17th China (Guangzhou) International Architectural Decoration Expo, known as the "first exhibition of Asian building materials", will be grandly opened in Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on July 8! Margo custom furniture dress to attend! On the first day of the exhibition, with its ingenious whole room customized exhibition hall, it made a wonderful appearance in the venue of the competition for hundreds of boats and thousands of sails. It was highly sought after, showing the big brand style and charm of the industry leader

hot popularity has attracted much attention

at the Construction Expo site, mag's home exhibition hall with fashion, art and personality has become a highly popular customized furniture exhibition hall with excellent craftsmanship and excellent product appearance design. It has received widespread attention from professionals, relevant media and exhibitors. An endless stream of people came to visit, consult, interview and negotiate. The exhibition hall is full of people coming and going! The staff in the exhibition area warmly received every customer who came to visit and provided them with the best service

Mr. Tang bin, chairman of Marge, was interviewed by the media

Mr. Tang bin, chairman of Marge, was interviewed by the media

the three major brands made a perfect appearance to demonstrate the beauty of the customization of the whole room space

this exhibition, Marge brought the strongest whole room customized household products in history to the exhibition, and Marge's three major brands "Marge customized furniture", "Marge famous villa" and "margarina" also appeared at the exhibition, bringing from the wardrobe to the bedroom, to the hall The display of the whole room space customization to the wine cellar, mobile furniture and soft decoration system has realized the complete connection of the whole room home system customization. Today, when plagiarism is prevalent in the industry and does not pay attention to originality, marg has been adhering to product originality for many years. With its unique perspective and strong strength, marg has taken the lead in realizing the customization of the whole room space in the field of customized home furnishing, blooming the beauty of the customization of the whole room space, so that more families can enjoy the dual pleasant home life experience of "beauty" and "use"

you have to attract investment.

customized furniture has the advantages of space utilization, fashionable style, personalized service and so on. Its market share continues to rise, and it has become a new profit model, which is popular with investors. At the exhibition site, the MAG investment promotion and negotiation area was full, and MAG was also willing to share its successful experience with more fellow travelers - with certain business experience, good business reputation, understanding and identifying with the concept of customized home and the business philosophy of MAG customized home. The common goal, only then has the common strength, pursues the higher destination. On the road of wealth, people gather firewood and the flame is high. MAG custom home welcomes more people with lofty ideals to enter the field of custom home, and welcomes more people with common ideas and goals to join hands in the road of wealth

in 2015, the national layout road of "1000 store plan and 100 city strategy" of MAG customized furniture has been gloriously opened. MAG will further accelerate the channel sinking, expand the scope of investment, and attract grand investment to cities at all levels across the country. On July 9, the second day of the China Construction Expo, Marge will hold the "2015 Marge Strategic Investment Summit", which will be held at the same time as the exhibition. On the one hand, exhibitors can visit Marge's products, processes and related applications in the exhibition hall. On the other hand, they can also visit Marge's Guangdong intelligent production base to truly understand Marge's strength in the customization industry

on the first day of the Construction Expo, marg took the lead and dominated the crowd with the extraordinary home life experience brought by the original design and the customized new products of the whole house. The wonderful continues. For more information about MAG customized furniture, please visit the 11.2-21 MAG customized furniture booth





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