Literature and art is a kind of breath

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Literature and art is a kind of breath

"literature and art style" is now a popular word in society. In fact, it doesn't have a very precise meaning, but more people like to associate it with "little fresh" and "retro style". Different people have different understandings of "literary and artistic models", and "literary and artistic models" themselves have different expressions in different fields and aspects of daily life. So, how is literature and art and retro reflected in home decoration? For those who prefer the retro style of literature and art, it is not difficult to create a retro home decoration

generally speaking, people who like literary and artistic models like literature, like watching literary and artistic movies, collecting literary and artistic things, and so on. In terms of dress, they also prefer fresh, literary and retro models, as well as British literary and artistic models, that is, those who wear very thin and personalized, as well as Japanese literary and artistic models. In short, they will like everything related to Literature and art

in fact, literature and art is a kind of breath

anything, anyone, anything, as long as it can emit a breath similar to Literature and art, can be called literature and art. It is quiet, peaceful, elegant, comfortable and exquisite. Most importantly, there is a taste of being detached from the secular world and hidden in the secular world

literature and art, as the name suggests, has a cultural flavor. It is people's refinement, sublimation and expression of life. Have a longing for beauty, the pursuit of taste

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