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[] when doing home decoration, do you first arrange space or furniture? Maybe in the eyes of many people, this is not a problem. After all, you have a house first. After decorating the house, you can fill it with furniture at home. [related reading: green building materials make up the number of green home decoration is not worthy of the name] so, have you encountered such a problem &mdash& mdash; Sometimes the size of furniture is appropriate, but the color and style are not satisfactory; Although the size of furniture can be customized according to their own requirements, it is not so beautiful in the room and it is not so easy to use; In order to realize some functions of furniture, we have to build large-scale construction after decoration. After the furniture is reluctantly installed, the aesthetic degree and use effect will be very different from your initial assumption. There is only one root cause of all these problems &mdash& mdash; Your priority is only the effect of space. Perhaps this is human nature. When seeing their new house, many people will consider their future home according to the following procedure: what kind of room do I need? Where is the master bedroom? Where is the guest room suitable? Which room is reserved for study? Then I think I like the color of the wall in my home, and then go to consult which Chinese material is more suitable for the floor. Of course, I will also think about what kind of kitchen I need. Open kitchen or traditional kitchen is better! What are the arrangements in the bathroom? Then plan each room. For example, this is the living room. I want to put a sofa here. The closet opposite can put a TV. There should be a short table between the sofa and the closet, and so on! Well, I have to ask, in this series of assumptions, how much do you think about furniture? And to what extent? Maybe in the process, you also thought, what kind of sofa do I need? What kind of table? What kind of bed? But the question is, is there really a sofa you need in the market? Is this size, color and style really suitable for the space you arranged for it, and is it customized for you? Can it meet your needs without inconveniencing your actions in space? Because one of the most common words we hear after the decoration is: ouch! This furniture of mine is a little inappropriate. Between furniture and space, why don't we give priority to the furniture we need? Because &mdash& mdash; Choosing furniture means choosing your lifestyle and habits. Furniture is the most direct contact with you. Your habits and preferences can be fully expressed through your furniture





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