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Zoomlion assisted the Ministry of agriculture in the national Rape Mechanization demonstration meeting on May 15, the "national rape production mechanization field demonstration meeting" of the Ministry of agriculture was held in Meitianhu village, gugang Town, Liuyang City. Zoomlion, together with Guwang rape harvester, Guwang dryer, gengwang tractor and other rape production mechanization products, demonstrated the rape harvesting, product utilization scope: drying, machine tillage and trenching and other links on site. With its efficient operation performance, it was highly praised and affirmed by the leaders and the audience. 2. Composition and main functions of hydraulic pulser:

low loss rate rape harvester is labor-saving

with the rapid rotation of the header, Guwang pl40 harvester runs happily in the field. One crop of mature rape is cut down and sent to the machine. Then the rapeseed is threshed and separated, and the straw is crushed and returned to the field. Experts and insiders on the scene witnessed the "super performance" of Guwang pl40 with fast harvest speed, low loss rate and high cleanliness - a bag full of rapeseed almost contains no grass residue

"this machine is much cleaner than other machines in the past. This year's rapeseed output is guaranteed." At the demonstration meeting, zhoucaihui, a member of Hualong farmers' Professional Cooperative in Meitianhu village, gugang Town, Liuyang City, gave Gu Wang a thumbs up when he saw that his several mu of land was easily harvested by Gu Wang pl40

low temperature mixed flow rape drying is very time-saving

on site, Guwang DF120 dryer has entered rape drying state in advance. According to the site staff, it only takes 10 hours to dry all the 12 tons of rapeseed in the dryer. Compared with the previous manual drying, which takes at least 2 days, and requires good weather and large drying sites, it not only saves time, but also dries evenly, greatly improving the storage efficiency of crops

it is understood that Guwang DF120 low-temperature mixed flow dryer demonstrated this time is a new generation product launched by Zoomlion dryer R & D team according to the characteristics of crop planting in different regions in China. Its unique mixed flow drying technology has achieved good control over the drying of oil crops and high drying efficiency; The low temperature circulation technology not only does not destroy the structure of rapeseed itself, but also ensures the quality of oil crops

"due to different technologies, the king dryer, which I am using, can not dry rape, but the grain drying effect is very good. This time, I saw the king rape dryer with my own eyes. It not only has high drying efficiency, but also has guaranteed quality. Our cooperative plans to buy another one." Zhouyinghuang, a member of yunpan cooperative in Meitianhu village, gugang Town, Liuyang City, who is already a user of Guwang dryer, told me

the king of ploughing went to battle to harvest in summer and sow in summer, which was very easy.

then, the king of ploughing rm60, equipped with a ditcher, came on the scene for farming. The rape field that was originally covered with fine straw became loose, and the gap between ditching was neat, which could lead to the accumulated water in the field after the harvest of late rice, which was convenient for rape planting. Geng Wang's relaxed and efficient operation performance amazed the audience. "I have been working on agricultural machinery for more than ten years. I have used a lot of machines, but it is still easy for the king of farming." Five gengwang tractors have been purchased. Yuanguanxi, a 53 year old user in Yandian village, Gaoping Town, Liuyang, highly recognizes the performance of gengwang tractors

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