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Zoomlion CIFA concrete machinery national tour won the favor of users

Zoomlion CIFA concrete machinery national tour won the favor of users

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Guide: the national tour of Zoomlion CIFA fine mixing machinery with the theme of delivering excellence and building the future together has been divided into three routes since it was grandly launched in Zhengzhou, Central Plains on December 15 last year Guangdong and other places have launched, sharing with more than 2000 customers

"delivering excellence and building the future together" is the theme. The company claims that this is a milestone event. Since it was grandly launched in Zhengzhou, the Central Plains on December 15 last year, it has launched three routes in Henan, Anhui, Yunnan, Sichuan, Fujian, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places, Shared with more than 2000 customers the cutting-edge technologies and core concepts of the latest concrete mixing machinery of Zoomlion CIFA, setting off a buying upsurge of concrete mixing machinery

Zoomlion launched a series of Zoomlion CIFA high-quality mixing machinery at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, and chose to hold a national tour in the off-season of equipment construction and procurement. The purpose is to provide customers with products and services with the highest comprehensive cost performance with a new product positioning and market strategy, and enable customers to feel and appreciate the unique charm of Zoomlion CIFA high-quality mixing machinery at a close distance, Feel the development concept of Zoomlion and its customers to jointly create enterprise value and social value

Zoomlion CIFA high-quality mixing machinery takes mixing trucks and mixing plants as its main products. Zoomlion CIFA mixing trucks have three advantages: Zoomlion special chassis, safe, energy-saving and reliable; The mixer truck is equipped with high configuration, long service life and superior performance; Integrate the advanced European manufacturing process and maintain the gene and lineage of CIFA lean manufacturing

the new generation of Zoomlion CIFA mixing plant takes high efficiency, high reliability, high precision and high environmental protection as its selling points. In particular, the new Zoomlion CIFA double horizontal shaft composite spiral belt mixing machine can mix all kinds of high-performance concrete more efficiently with a new mixing mechanism. This equipment leads the development direction of the industry in terms of mixing efficiency and energy saving

the exhibition tour was highly valued by Zoomlion group. Zhangjianguo, Yin Zhengfu, xuwuquan, senior president of Zoomlion, chenpeiliang, vice president of Zoomlion, and other group leaders as well as leaders at all levels of the concrete machinery company, who pressed the "clamp" key, participated in the exhibition tour at each sub station to have close contact with users, listen to users' feedback, and report the latest development achievements of Zoomlion to the majority of users

after learning about and visiting the products of Zoomlion CIFA premium stirring machinery, customers said that the product positioning of Zoomlion CIFA premium stirring machinery made them refreshing. In the past, I always thought that the mixer truck was just working on the road. It was a good car to pull more and run faster. After visiting Zoomlion CIFA premium mixer, I really felt that there are many aspects of the mixer that can be better done. Especially in Zhengzhou, mixer truck accidents occurred frequently in 2009. The new driving safety design concept and high-end configuration of Zoomlion CIFA premium mixer truck can reduce the accident risk of mixer truck from the source and protect the safe driving of mixer truck

among the numerous touring products, Zoomlion CIFA Hino chassis boutique mixer is the most attractive to customers. Zhangyuesai, deputy general manager of GAC Hino Automobile Co., Ltd., said that GAC Hino chassis has achieved the quality of imported vehicles and the price of Dow epoxy composite system used in domestic vehicles, which has a higher comprehensive cost performance ratio. In fact, it is true that the fuel consumption alone can save users 78000 yuan in one year and a mixer truck in three years, which is quite attractive to customers in the era of high oil prices

Mr. zhengzhihui of Zhengzhou bulk cement office said that such materials as Zoomlion CIFA premium mixer are mainly composed of milk cans, bottle caps, plastic bags and other short-lived products that are easy to be discarded. The high-end configuration of machinery is impressive. Zhengzhou has taken more strict control measures to ensure the safe operation of mixer trucks. Zoomlion CIFA premium mixer trucks can better cooperate with the government's actions to regulate safe driving, Effectively ensure driving safety

it is reported that the nationwide tour exhibition of Zoomlion CIFA premium mixing machinery will also be held in other cities across the country. At that time, more users will have the opportunity to experience the latest technologies and high-quality products of the mixing machinery industry in close proximity, and China's mixing machinery industry will set a new benchmark in 2011

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