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Zoomlion 64M carbon fiber boom pump truck won the 2011 China Construction machinery annual Top50 Jury Award

at 14:00 on March 27, 2012, the "2011 China Construction machinery annual product Top50" selection and award ceremony was held in Beijing. The 50 construction machinery products with outstanding performance in the three dimensions of technological innovation, market performance and application contribution were listed in the "2011 top 50 products of China Construction Machinery". These products, which still burst into strength in the market downturn, have been highly praised by the jury and the industry

guogang, chief engineer of Zoomlion and general manager of the engineering technology center, first delivered an award-winning speech. He said that he was very honored to be awarded the first jury award of Top50 annual product of China Construction Machinery in 2011. This award represents that Zoomlion has created the concept of taking technological innovation and product innovation as the core competitiveness of the enterprise, which has become the consensus of the industry. On behalf of Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd., he sincerely thanked the industry associations, friends from all walks of life, media friends and customers for their consistent support, trust and love for Zoomlion. It is this kind of support, trust and love that gives us the source and motivation for continuous innovation

Zoomlion will continue to carry out technological innovation, have the confidence and ability to lead the technological progress of the industry, and promote the development of the industry and the prosperity of national brands

in addition, guogang is optimistic about the application prospect of carbon fiber composite technology in construction machinery products, he said, "Carbon fiber is no stranger to our life. It has been used in sporting goods. Carbon fiber materials have been used in the automotive field, including the aerospace field, such as Shenzhou spaceship. In the construction machinery, Zoomlion took the lead in launching the structure and operation method of concrete pressure testing machine. There are many products. Carbon fiber composites are materials with excellent performance." He introduced the advantages of the following aspects:

first, carbon fiber composite carbon fiber has a strong viscosity. At the same time, it also overcomes the shortcomings of the higher strength and the worse toughness of the traditional steel. It not only has high strength, but also has good toughness. Through the application in recent years, Zoomlion can basically reduce the weight of carbon fiber composites by 40%

second, it has good fatigue resistance. The carbon fiber material is composed of carbon fiber wires one by one. Even if it reduces the external interference that affects the internal circuit of the component, it can be recovered

third, there is no welding, thus avoiding the problem that it is difficult to control the welding quality of high-strength steel

therefore, the application of carbon fiber is a major technological innovation and breakthrough in the field of construction machinery

reason for Award - Zoomlion zlj5530thbk 64x-6rz boom mounted pump truck is a five axle chassis concrete pump truck with the longest boom in the world. By using carbon fiber composite technology, the weight of the boom is reduced by 40%, the span of the outrigger is reduced by 20%, and the strength is four times that of ordinary steel. Zoomlion has overcome three world problems in one fell swoop, such as the need for more chassis axle bridges, large floor area for outrigger opening, and easy instability and fracture of the boom. The birth of zlj5530thbk 64x-6rz boom type pump truck has opened a new channel for the lightweight design of construction machinery, and is a major innovation and breakthrough in the field of new materials and technologies in the construction machinery industry for many years

product focus - the loads of Zoomlion zlj5530thbk 64x5 and rubber tensile testing machine are the same as those of the 1 must check-6rz boom pump truck. It is a high-end pump truck built by Zoomlion CIFA with the world's top innovative technology. It has become the world's longest six section boom pump truck, the world's longest five axle bottom plate pump truck, the world's longest x-leg pump truck and many other world's longest pump trucks. It has become the most dazzling star product in the 2011 BICES exhibition

Zoomlion zlj5530thbk 64x-6rz boom type pump truck adopts carbon fiber material at the end of three arms. The boom reduces weight by 40%, which is lighter and more flexible. At the same time, it has higher strength, less vibration and more stable pumping. Zoomlion 64M pump truck has the world's only 200m3 ultra large volume pumping system. Even with high pressure, the pumping volume can reach 140m3/h, and the efficiency is greatly improved by 20%; It is equipped with the patented technology of three-stage telescopic x outrigger. The only x outrigger is equipped on the pump truck of the same level, reducing the outrigger area by more than 35%. It also adopts the latest functional configurations such as duplex remote control, automatic high and low pressure switching, and the latest quick change pumping oil cylinder

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