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Zoomlion's "national competitiveness" supports the backbone of national industry

Zoomlion's "national competitiveness" supports the backbone of national industry

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in the field of equipment manufacturing, the industry's outstanding enterprises represented by Zoomlion continuously climb the high end of the global value chain, successfully support the backbone of China's national industry, and become a microcosm of China's continuous improvement in global competitiveness

the dome of Jiangsu Tianwan nuclear power plant, which has attracted much attention, was successfully hoisted. The "made in China confidence" - the dome is a zcc3200np crawler crane independently developed and manufactured by Zoomlion

the "password" behind the first show

on December 20, 2014, after one hour of intensive work, the dome of Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant Phase II project with a total weight of 476.4 tons, a lifting radius of 105.4 meters and a positioning height of 56.15 meters was accurately positioned. Zcc3200np has successfully completed the "first crane" of the domestic 3000 ton crawler crane

behind this record, which also shows the impact absorption energy, impact toughness, the rotation angle of the pendulum and the printing of experimental reports, is the continuous improvement and innovation of Zoomlion's scientific research and development, production and manufacturing. As early as six years ago, Zoomlion began to carry out a large number of Market Research on nuclear power projects. During the whole two years of research, Zoomlion actively listened to the opinions and suggestions of experts from the construction unit, organized many large-scale scheme review meetings, and continuously improved the technical scheme

the design of the preliminary scheme is the key to success or failure. After repeatedly reporting the project progress to relevant national ministries and commissions, repeatedly modifying parameters and improving schemes according to actual needs, Zoomlion zcc3200np, as a key lifting equipment for the construction of the third generation nuclear power, began to enter substantive research and development

only one year later, zcc3200np crawler crane was successfully rolled off the production line. However, offline is only the first step, and the project practice is the final report card to test the product. It is the hoisting of the dome of Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant Phase II project that has best proved the success of this star product

as a world leading product in terms of lifting capacity and technical level, ZCC "3200np crawler crane has broken through the design idea of traditional crawler crane, making a breakthrough in the overall stability and anti rollover capacity of the crane and significantly improving the safety performance

in addition, in order to ensure convenient disassembly and transportation, zcc3200np crane structure adopts modular design method. At the same time, in order to realize the smooth assembly of the whole machine, the manufacturing accuracy and assembly process sequence of each gear of parts are fully considered in the product design, and the three-dimensional animation simulation technology is used to simulate the assembly of the whole vehicle

6 years to sharpen a sword. The continuous hardships and efforts have created a milestone for Zoomlion in the development history of China's crawler crane industry, and also raised the technical level of China's crawler crane to a world-class leading position

the "chips" of national competition

in fact, the successful application of zcc3200np crawler crane has not only refreshed the record of the largest lifting quality of domestic crawler cranes, but also, in a sense, zcc3200np is a powerful chip in the game between countries

as we all know, the competition between countries has always been the competition of the real economy, and the strong equipment manufacturing industry is the foundation of the real economy

because if the equipment manufacturing industry, which is related to the national lifeline, is controlled by others, the national economic security cannot be guaranteed

as the pacesetter of equipment manufacturing industry, construction machinery is the most important. This is also the reason why foreign construction machinery giants have built intellectual property barriers and formed a comprehensive technical blockade through various means in related fields, especially in the field of super large tonnage crawler cranes

insiders believe that the backbone of a country and nation is the backbone of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry. The successful application of zcc3200np crawler crane will make more expensive machines from manufacturing powers reasonable. This also indicates that in this field, the chips of the game are beginning to tilt towards made in China

In fact, zcc3200np is only a microcosm of China's equipment breaking through international monopoly and realizing independent innovation

it is understood that the world's largest wheel crane, the world's largest all terrain crane, the world's largest horizontal boom up slewing jack up tower crane and the world's largest flat head tower crane have been successively born in Zoomlion. Under the leadership of Zoomlion, the road of catching up and surpassing China's equipment manufacturing has become more and more clear

in recent years, the United States, Germany and other established manufacturing powers have been emphasizing the importance of manufacturing industry. U.S. President Barack Obama pointed out in his state of the Union address that it should move towards a compound and high-end direction. "The basis for the return of the U.S. economy is manufacturing, energy and technology. Now, the U.S. manufacturing industry is reviving.". The German government also put forward the "industry 4.0" strategy in 2013 to improve the competitiveness of German industry and take the lead in the new round of industrial revolution

various signs indicate that the manufacturing industry will play an increasingly important role in the future national competition. This also means that China's national industry needs more "Zoomlion"

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