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Launch of "blue care" brand line of Zoomlion concrete 2012

if it is not necessary for Zoomlion concrete 2012 to launch the "blue care" brand line

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Guide: on the morning of June 20, 2012, the blue care brand line of Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. was officially launched in Country Garden Hotel, Jiangsu Province. With the on-site LED screen lit up, it marks the four major service activities of the annual brand line: love, practice, one-stop service, looking for moving moments

on the morning of June 20, 2012, the "blue care" brand line of Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. was officially launched in Country Garden Hotel, Taizhou, Jiangsu Province. With the large LED screen on the scene lit up, it marked the simultaneous launch of the four major service activities of the annual brand line, namely "love and practice", "one-stop service", "looking for moving moments" and "service star selection". More than 100 people on the scene witnessed this glorious moment. In 2012, Zoomlion was founded 20 weeks ago, but its share price fell by 1.5%. After 20 years of trials and tribulations, Zoomlion Concrete Machinery International Co., Ltd. took this opportunity to launch the 2012 "blue care" brand line to ten regions across the country, opening a new round of moving journey

in 2011, Zoomlion took the lead in bringing equipment service from "passive maintenance" to "active care". It first launched the "blue care" service brand in the industry, providing customers with one-stop integrated service solutions for pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services. At that time, the "blue whirlwind" swept the country. In 2012, the brand line of "blue care" was upgraded again. In the activity of "condensing love and practicing promise", the special action team of Zoomlion Concrete Machinery International will go to all regions in the life cycle of vehicles to solve practical problems for customers. And invite friends, customers and the media to jointly supervise the implementation of the "315" service commitment

"315" is the abbreviation of "three complete, ten free and five fast", which not only embodies the sincere faith of Zoomlion concrete service staff, but also quantifies the service content of "blue care". "Three aspects" refers to the one-stop all-round service before, during and after sales, the full coverage service anywhere in the country within the equipment life cycle, and the 24-hour round the clock service. "Ten exemptions" refers to the free guidance on the installation and commissioning of the product until the product is delivered for normal use; Provide professional technical training free of charge; Free preventive maintenance safety lecture; Free program upgrade; Provide equipment hardware upgrade scheme for free; Provide key and difficult concrete construction solutions free of charge; Free on-site inspection service for 28 times within five years, and provide 28 inspection reports (pump trucks); Free on-site inspection service for 3 times, providing 3 times of inspection report (mixer); Provide equipment GPS terminal positioning and operation management for free for two years; Free exclusive services. "Five fast" means: fast response (15 minutes), fast arrival (2 hours), fast troubleshooting (general faults are handled within 24 hours, major downtime faults are solved within 72 hours), fast supply (common accessories are met within 24 hours) and fast answer (customer needs are answered within 15 hours)

the "one-stop service" has been in good faith for 20 years, moving the colorful bloom

all along, Zoomlion's "blue care" service brand takes "creating the maximum value for customers" as its purpose, "fast, efficient and economical" one-stop service "has been warmly pursued by the majority of customers. We have been in the same boat for 20 years, and we have been grateful for our feedback for 20 years. In order to repay the customers' long-term support and love for Zoomlion products, Zoomlion will continue to cooperate with major chassis manufacturers to provide "one-stop service" for customers in large areas. At the same time, a series of support such as training, cooling, patrol inspection and parts discount will also go along with them to create real and considerate care and quality services for customers

2012 marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Zoomlion. Looking back on the past 20 years, how many time stories have been hidden in the days that Zoomlion has gone through together? How many moving moments have been condensed on the road of common growth with Zoomlion? A gesture, a smile, a heavy rain, an old equipment... The mottled picture of 20 years' light and shadow has opened a treasure that contains warmth, truth and moving. In 2012, when Zoomlion's moving journey of "blue love" was launched, Zoomlion concrete machinery will invite all new and old friends to recapture the memories of the past, review the past moves, and let the moving moments in the 20-year storm bloom again

gold medal service engineer selection is ready

in combination with the 2012 "blue care" brand line, Zoomlion concrete will launch an online gold medal service engineer selection activity in early July. The improvement of service quality in the past 20 years can not be separated from the continuous progress and unremitting efforts of service personnel. "No small step, no even a thousand miles; no small flow, no river and sea". It is precisely the silent dedication of every service engineer in ordinary posts that condenses into the practice of "blue love". "Sincere without interest", adhering to the concept of "customer-centric", Zoomlion promises to carry forward the service spirit. At that time, many customers and friends will be able to choose their own gold medal engineers

time flies, and twenty years have passed. However, for Zoomlion, sincere service and common growth are eternal. Zoomlion will unswervingly dedicate "blue care" to its customers. Every "blue care" brand line is a sublimation of quality service. The determination and efforts to create greater value for customers will also provide a strong impetus for Zoomlion's next two decades, namely, indirect measurement and direct measurement, and boost Zoomlion's concrete machinery to create a broader world

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