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Miracles! A little brother used cardboard to make Boeing 777 aircraft

release date: Source: paper industry insider

usually, it takes less than a minute to fold a paper aircraft. However, a designer has spent nine years to make a model plane, and he has not even finished it. But then again, this is not an ordinary paper plane, but a 1:60 Indian Airlines Boeing 777

Luca Kony Stewart, 25, is a young designer from San Francisco, USA. What kind of testing machine does he say is suitable for you? I spent more than 1000 hours as a "crazy person who loves aviation" for 9 years. Many people are puzzled by his work, but you will sigh when you see him making such a detailed and realistic aircraft with cardboard that provides services in operation, protection, training and so on for the country where the project is located

Stewart is very fascinated by airplanes, which began in 2008. When he saw pictures of Boeing 777 of Air India on the Internet, he thought this ratio was so good. So he immediately looked for photos and drawings of the plane. Stewart said, "fortunately, there are a lot of photos and videos on the Internet, and it doesn't need too much imagination." Over the years, he has accumulated hundreds of photos and even flight training manuals published by others on the Internet, which has been of great help to him

then he began to draw with a computer. Then make various parts with art knife, tweezers and glue, which sounds very easy. But what he requires is that everything should work the same as the real aircraft fatigue testing machine according to the principle of electromagnetic resonance, including many tiny details on the aircraft. He revealed that it took him a whole summer to complete the passenger seat, and he even dropped out of college, so that he had more time to test the tightening force of various products in his plan

now, nine years have passed, and he is still making the wings of the aircraft. He said, "this is not what I expected. I spent most of last year advertising for Singapore Airlines. Now I am returning to the design of wings, which is a part I have to complete."

"even in the current situation, Stewart's aircraft model is simply a miracle, especially the complex engine part of the aircraft." A Boeing 777 pilot said after seeing his plane

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