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Mintel cooperates with sabotagepkg to launch packaging boxes

institutions working in packaging planning, research, design or development can benefit from a new product, which will help support, motivate and fuel. Minte and sabotagepkg Real Estate Association Committee launch packaging projects - inspired quarterly packaging boxes

the real estate association in the committee provides practical examples of trends and products. Visual experiments have introduced two concrete components - a column and a beam and a text direction - that will come from all over the world to develop new ideas about the trend of desk packaging for people concerned. Recipients will be able to see first-hand packaging examples of specific theme boxes from around the world, month and Minter trends, and experts choose cherries

Alistair, director of Mintel's global new product database, said:

is not just a packaging box, the purpose of the real estate association committee is to inspire. Aimed at brand managers, packaging technology and designers alike, the launch this quarter aims to arouse excitement, promote discussion, stimulate ideas and packaging projects, and ultimately make mobile

this initiative enables users to have a special box to deliver the necessary packaging quarterly, with notice of mortgage and incentives. The box will contain six end-user products, so the measurement will not be accurate, showing the latest innovative packaging, the packaging process of two, two samples of packaging materials and a 'visual set of other pictures and articles to help further stimulate. The magazine contains a bibliography of packaging, materials and processes as a valuable information resource for action. In addition, the purpose of the overall program is to interact with Mintel's global new product database, so that recipients can obtain a wider range of trends and ideas, especially on insights, in response to their choices

Alexander theodorou, creative director at sabotagepkg brand said:

Minter is a market intelligence expert and a trend of sabotagepkg, Visual inspiration and packaging design "We do this to provide our own situation experts - working together, we make packaging trends and unparalleled three-dimensional direction of the team. Through the use of Minter packaging extensive global network procurement - customers actually get the best packaging sent to their door four times a year.

each such revival in the 'inauguration theme' - Focus on the emergence of retro and nostalgia, redefine existing prejudices, and improve fixed views Looking for inspiration, the packaging box of the season will focus on one theme. Future themes will be broad and far-reaching, but will always provide real inspiration. Examples span packaging in countries around the world. 1. All frames are constructed and cover all sectors, including cosmetics, food and beverage, and families

this service will be further strengthened with other customized services. The packaging of real estate associations is unique, which will enable customers to customize their themes and ideas

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