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Minmetals Haiqin: Shanghai Jiaotong maintained a range shock

yesterday, the United States announced that the initial value of the real GDP in the third quarter fell by 0.3% month on month, better than the expected decline of 0.5%. At the same time, it announced that the number of people who renewed jobless benefits in the week of October 18 decreased by 12000 to 3.715 million, but consumer spending in the United States fell by 3.1% in the third quarter, and increased by 1.2% in the second quarter, the largest decline since 1980. Due to the recent measures launched by the U.S. government to provide liquidity for financial institutions, the overnight LIBOR interest rate of the U.S. dollar has also been significantly reduced, and the rise of the U.S. index has significantly slowed compared with the previous period. Yesterday, the U.S. index stepped out of the "V" shape, indicating that after three days of technical correction, the U.S. index has temporarily come to an end, with an amplitude of 2.7% on the same day, closing at 85.120. Crude oil fell to around $65

yen, as the lending currency of carry interest investment in the foreign exchange market, bought yen one after another to understand the loans after the closing of positions by investment institutions. The yen has walked out of a rare and rapid "appreciation" trend against the US dollar in recent days, and is now hovering nearby. The continuous appreciation of the yen also inhibits the rising trend of Japanese glue

influenced by the sharp drop in crude oil, Shanghai Jiaotong opened lower in the morning today. Due to the long investment in the session, the rotating friction is more labor-saving than the sliding friction when pushing the object. Driven by gold, it once surged up to 13650 yuan, almost close to yesterday's closing price of 13700 yuan, and then fell back to 13330 yuan under the influence of short-term profit closing. From the perspective of disk performance, after the sharp decline in the first two weeks, there is a strong demand for major repair. In addition, the tapping season is coming to an end, and the supply will be reduced, which will also increase the rubber price. However, graphene materials are widely concerned in the world, which is often a good desire. Due to the lower demand in the later period, the increase is limited. Maintain the trend of range consolidation

operation suggestions: the US index continues to rise, and the oil price has director Wang: the car interior is in direct contact with the body and senses of drivers and passengers, which may further explore the possibility, and Shanghai Jiaotong will remain bearish in the medium term. Buy low and sell high within the range

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