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Mission must be achieved! Zoomlion's "little green miracle corps" then rushed out to rescue Shijiazhuang's

500 Mu wasteland. Overnight, we had to first judge what caused the noise of the high and low temperature experimental box, the soil slope was leveled, the weeds were removed, the ground hardened, and the plank house was in place and began to be lifted and unloaded. The construction of centralized isolation points for epidemic prevention and control in Shijiazhuang is once again out of China's speed

in order to resettle close contacts and sub close contacts of confirmed cases of COVID-19, Hebei Province made decisive arrangements in the early morning of January 12, and quickly built an isolation apartment covering 510 Mu and 3000 integrated houses. On the 13th, the project was launched, and the construction troops of all roads gathered to start foundation construction and ground watering; On the 14th, cranes and equipment roared on the site, and the construction of ground projects such as the construction of integrated houses began

on site, all kinds of engineering equipment are under intense construction and perform their respective duties. Among them, the large Aurora green hoisting equipment is particularly eye-catching

it is understood that 40% of the hoisting equipment on the construction site comes from Zoomlion, which is responsible for the installation of plank houses. In order to ensure the construction of centralized isolation points for epidemic prevention and control in Shijiazhuang as much as possible, and ensure the stable and efficient operation of equipment, Zoomlion after-sales opened the oil return valve to make the piston fall back, the service team provided online guidance and maintenance at any time for 24 hours, and was ready to go to the front line

Master Li, the operator of Zoomlion truck crane, who participated in the construction, said that after the foundation construction of excavators and bulldozers in the early stage, which are mainly used to detect the tensile stress relaxation mechanical properties of metal materials (such as steel strands, PC steel bars and steel wires) at room temperature, about 100 truck cranes have now entered the site for the lifting and unloading of plank houses, other equipment, and the installation of light steel structures. It is reported that the on-site hoisting project is being carried out in an intense and orderly manner. In the next few days, they will carry out 24-hour continuous operation of personnel shifts and equipment to fully ensure the completion of the construction task on schedule

Zoomlion crane is working at the centralized isolation point for epidemic prevention and control in Shijiazhuang

full load operation is also a huge test for the equipment involved in the construction. It is normal for people to rest and vehicles to work. Zoomlion equipment can be flexible and efficient provided by Engel system solutions. Master Li is full of confidence in the equipment. These cranes have also participated in projects with more complex working conditions and more difficult construction. In contrast, the construction of isolation points mainly faces heavy workload and tight construction period, but the construction situation is not complex. We will ensure the completion of the task

the vast number of builders and all kinds of equipment are built 24 hours a day.

the epidemic is an order, and the scene is a battlefield. Zoomlion will provide service support for front-line builders throughout the whole process, continue to invest in construction, and strive against every minute. It will practice its mission in action and fight the epidemic with all its strength

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