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Jiangdong branch of Minsheng Bank visited Ningbo Tuxie

the cooperation between the bank and small and medium-sized enterprises is getting closer and closer, and it is an effective way to carry out work through industrial channels. On the morning of September 29, Li Yibin of Jiangdong branch of Minsheng Bank and Zheng Guomo, the customer manager, came to Ningbo coating and Coating Industry Association for investigation and exchange. Both sides have reached a certain consensus on how to carry out the financing work of small and medium-sized enterprises. President Li Yibin said that it is not allowed to enter the Council of Ningbo Coating Association by using dangerous methods such as tools to interact with enterprises, serve enterprises, coordinate financing and enterprise development, and achieve a win-win goal

received by Secretary General Cao cunning and Deputy Secretary General Yang Weiwei

with the development of market economy and the extension and lengthening of business chain, financial, cultural and educational, scientific research, marketing, inspection, special hydraulic universal experimental machine for teaching in Colleges and Universities - waw (1) 000d microcomputer control point hydraulic servo universal experimental machine testing, training, exhibition and so on have become partners of the cooperation platform, which is both good and increased pressure on the work of the association. Ningbo Tu association is actively exploring in this regard

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