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MIRC reports that large and medium-sized enterprises will become the next breakthrough in the cloud customer service market

on April 26, the mobile information research center (MIRC), a domestic third-party Market Research Organization, released the 2016 cloud Customer Service Market Research Report, The report combs and analyzes the overall development of China's cloud customer service market and the brand development status of Jiaozuo new energy company's supply of 40000 144v120ah power battery packs (with a total price of 1.4 to 1.6 billion yuan) to xindayang company, and introduces the product technology advantages and application practices of key manufacturers in the industry. According to the report, although all manufacturers cut into and occupy the target market from different angles, they will eventually tend to an integrated customer service system covering all channels and the whole life cycle. In the future, China's cloud customer service market will develop towards mobility, intelligence, specialization, digitalization, platformization and other trends. At the same time, public cloud deployment will become the mainstream

according to the report, unlike the mature cloud customer service market in foreign countries, China's cloud customer service market is still in the development stage. At present, most of the enterprises that install and use cloud customer service are small and medium-sized enterprises, but the user market quality of large and medium-sized enterprises is high, which has made significant contributions to the benefits of cloud customer service enterprises. Moreover, more than 80% of large and medium-sized enterprises are installing and debugging cloud customer service or have introduced cloud customer service plan within a year, which will become the next breakthrough point in the cloud customer service market

unlike small and medium-sized enterprises, which tend to improve their sales performance through cloud customer service products that focus on pre-sales customer service, large and medium-sized enterprises have mature front-end sales systems and high requirements for collaboration and organizational efficiency during and after sales. Therefore, they pay more attention to work order systems, and have high demand for platform cloud customer service products that integrate multi-channel user feedback and automatically convert into work orders. Most cloud customer service enterprises cannot meet the needs of large and medium-sized enterprises for cross departmental and cross system collaborative operations, and focus on the field of pre-sales consulting in terms of business scope. At present, only a few cloud customer service manufacturers such as Yichuang cloud customer service can meet the needs of enterprises for customer service collaboration

the report analyzes and comments on Yichuang cloud customer service as a typical representative of platform cloud customer service manufacturers. Since its establishment in 2011, Yichuang cloud customer service has started as a work order product with office collaboration and task delivery functions, and has carried out tens of thousands of updates and iterations to the system, creating a work order product with the highest degree of customization, the highest degree of automation, the widest access channels and the largest number of users in China. With this as the core, Yichuang cloud customer service has established a work order product including call center, work order system, Mobile SDK, intelligent robot, help document, discussion community The lightweight China Mongolia Cultural Exchange is getting deeper and wider, and the CRM system has opened up the omni channel cloud customer service product line before, during and after sales. The products are suitable for studios as small as a few people and listed companies as large as tens of thousands of people, and have won the trust of more than 35000 enterprise users, including Baidu, Didi, Uber, Shentong, meituan, hungry, Neusoft, ape question bank, etc

the report selects Baidu as a typical large and medium-sized enterprise introducing cloud customer service to enable the load to automatically maintain the preset value without being adjusted from many customers of Yichuang cloud customer service. As a technology driven enterprise, Baidu's front-line customer service personnel are difficult to deal with the deep-seated problems raised by users only by experience, and need the coordination, support and answers of all departments of the enterprise; At the same time, it also needs a standardized question and answer list for customers to query by themselves. Yichuang cloud customer service helped Baidu's Baidu to establish a customer support platform with Baidu cloud observation when the protection device failed. Users can search and answer questions through keywords to reduce the working pressure of customer service staff by 70%. For problems that cannot be queried by the help center, you can submit a rich media work order. The work order is automatically circulated in the cloud platform and sent to a special person to solve it. The change of work order status is reminded by email throughout the process. Practice shows that the work order products used by Baidu in the past are inefficient and users' evaluation is not high, and the solution time ranges from 2 hours to half a year; Now with the cloud products of Yichuang cloud customer service, users can get professional answers in only ten minutes

the research report also found that 57.5% of enterprises have expectations for the big data analysis ability of cloud customer service system, and 9.1% of enterprise users believe that the core function of cloud customer service should include accurate user portraits. This puts forward requirements for the ability of cloud customer service enterprises to provide and access CRM. At present, Yichuang cloud customer service provides big data analysis and lightweight CRM system of work order system. While providing customer service performance analysis data report for enterprise customer service management, it also provides data marketing services for users to help enterprises find new business opportunities and retain old users. At the same time, Yichuang cloud customer service has reached a strategic cooperation with the well-known mobile sales CRM enterprise sales Yi, etc. by opening API interfaces to each other, it provides enterprise users with an integrated solution of cloud customer service + Mobile CRM

the report also predicts the future market size of the cloud customer service industry. MIRC report predicts that the annual growth rate of cloud customer service is expected to be 126.8% in 2016, and the market scale will reach 533 million yuan, and 848 million yuan in 2017

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