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Ministry of science and technology: China's 5g technology has achieved a leading position, with more than 600000 base stations and more than 110million users.

the state information office today held a press conference on the in-depth implementation of the innovation driven development strategy and accelerating the construction of an innovative country. Qin Yong, director of the Department of high and new technology of the Ministry of science and technology, said that during the "13th five year plan" period, China has achieved a leading position in 5g technology, with 5g core patents ranking first in the world, and took the lead in realizing 5g commerce, At present, the number of 5g base stations in China has exceeded 600000, and the number of users has exceeded 11. Generally, the short board can only hover between 300-900 w/s 100million

Qin Yong introduced that during the "13th five year plan", the Ministry of science and technology vigorously promoted the development of high and new technology and strengthened the research of key core technologies. A number of major high and new technological achievements have emerged in China, and a series of breakthroughs have been made in supercomputing, rail transit, quantum information, additive manufacturing and other fields

in the TOP500 ranking of supercomputing in the world, the number of supercomputers in China accounts for 45%. At the same time, based on the development of E-class prototypes, China is marching towards E-class supercomputers. In terms of quantum information technology, the experiments of "Mozi" and "Beijing Shanghai trunk line" have built the first prototype of quantum communication network integrating heaven and earth. In terms of advanced rail transit, the speed 60 precision lead screw sees the auxiliary drive from the perspective of application limitations; 2 is a 0 km high-speed magnetic levitation test sample vehicle with ordinary belt drive. The system joint commissioning and joint test have been completed on the test line. The sample vehicle of high-speed multiple units with a speed of more than 400 km/h is officially offline in Changchun today

in terms of new energy vehicles, through the key research and development layout in battery, motor and electronic control, a relatively perfect new energy vehicle industry chain has been promoted, making China the world's first in the production and sales of new energy vehicles for five consecutive years. At present, the total number of new energy vehicles in China has exceeded 4million, accounting for more than 50% of the world. In terms of new display, by vigorously promoting the integrated development of innovation chain and industrial chain, the overall software competitiveness of China's new display industry has been rapidly improved. In 2019, the sales of China's new display industry exceeded 300billion yuan, and the industrial scale ranked first in the world

Qin Yong said that in the next step, the Ministry of science and technology will vigorously develop high-tech in accordance with the strategic requirements of accelerating the formation of a new development pattern in the planning and layout of high-tech development during the "14th five year plan". Strengthen forward-looking deployment and vigorously develop a new generation of high-tech characterized by intelligent technology and quantum technology, so as to create China's first mover advantage in high-tech. We will strengthen the distribution of key areas and key links to provide more high-tech achievements for high-quality development. We will accelerate the cultivation of a new generation of high-tech industries and further expand new drivers of development

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