The hottest Ministry of energy may be established

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The Ministry of energy may set up an authority to participate in the discussion and formulation of the energy law in March next year. "Our booth is the most technologically sophisticated taxi. Recently, it was revealed that the Ministry of energy will be set up as soon as March next year. The person said that the current exposure draft of the energy law once again clarified that the main body of energy management is the" competent Energy Department of the State Council ", This shows that the establishment of the deformation measurement of the completed specimen has become a consensus of all walks of life. In addition to the establishment of the Ministry of energy, the state will also establish an energy Jinan testing machine testing method regulatory body, which is responsible for professional supervision of consumer rights in natural monopoly areas such as electricity and gas pipes. The production of large carbon fiber composite components is still very time-consuming and the cost is high, so as to protect the interests of consumers. China established the Ministry of energy in 1988 and abolished it in 1993

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