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Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi: "the the Belt and Road" international cooperation is expected to further deepen

Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi: "the the Belt and Road" international cooperation is expected to further deepen

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Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi said at the meeting on March 8, "In another two months, we will hold the the Belt and Road International Cooperation Summit Forum in Beijing. According to current statistics, more than 20 heads of state and heads of state, more than 50 heads of international organizations, more than 100 ministerial representatives and a total of more than 1200 guests from all over the world will gather together to participate in the grand event." Wangyi pointed out that, "We hope that the forum can achieve results in three aspects: first, summarize and gather the consensus of all parties, connect the development strategies of all countries, and clarify the general direction of complementary advantages and common prosperity. Second, sort out cooperation in key areas, and identify a number of major cooperation projects around infrastructure connectivity, trade and investment, financial support and people to people and cultural exchanges. Third, propose medium - and long-term cooperation measures, and explore long-term cooperation opportunities for jointly building the 'the Belt and Road' And build a closer and pragmatic partnership network. "

it is worth mentioning that on March 5, it was also proposed in the government work report to solidly promote the construction of the "the Belt and Road". The system has good thermal oxygen aging performance, prepares for domestic regional development and opening-up and international economic cooperation, jointly builds land-based economic corridors and maritime cooperation fulcrum, and promotes interconnection, economic and trade cooperation, and cultural exchanges. We will build a cooperation mechanism for customs clearance along the line and build a major international logistics channel. Promote the construction of border economic cooperation zones, cross-border economic cooperation zones and overseas economic and trade cooperation zones. Adhere to joint discussion, construction and sharing, so that the "the Belt and Road" will become a material belt and a road of common prosperity that will decompose itself once the fuel is used up

in this regard, the market generally believes that the "the Belt and Road" is not only a thematic opportunity, but also an inclusive and systematic opportunity. The systematic market benefiting from the "the Belt and Road" may last for 3 to 5 years. In May 2017, China will host the "the Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum, and the cooperation between countries related to the "the Belt and Road" is expected to further deepen. In this context, the "the Belt and Road" theme investment will usher in an important catalyst. It is suggested to focus on thematic investment opportunities in four fields: construction machinery, overseas project contracting, high-speed rail and nuclear power

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