At present, it is more necessary to do a good job

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At present, it is more necessary to do a good job in the network security defense line

the period of epidemic prevention and control can be said to be the largest collective remote office in China's digital era. The working mode has shifted from offline and local to long-distance and non-contact online mode, which has formed a sudden, centralized and high traffic situation for online business itself. For example, many enterprise office applications cannot be serviced during the peak of the first day. The demands of it in all walks of life focus on the following two points:

continuous and stable support: from network to system to the guarantee of application availability and stability, and according to the corresponding experimental conditions

fast and automated services: fast and automated computing resource allocation, fast remote access within the enterprise, fast application launch, fast business migration, fast and automatic recovery after problems, etc

the outbreak of the epidemic has created sudden changes in personal office and business use, and has created sudden demands for it construction and operation and maintenance. And this has also brought many potential security threats:

phishing attacks: criminals take advantage of the current attention to the epidemic, and phishing messages and emails launched through the epidemic, hot information names or contents, leading to infection with computer viruses or trojans

over opening of permissions: in remote shared access, when people have more permissions, they are over opened when buying tools, resulting in being used by criminals

data leakage risk: in the current large-scale data collection, processing, transmission and sharing required for epidemic, diagnosis and treatment, distance learning and other businesses, the risk of data leakage has increased, and the problem of data privacy has begun to be exposed

automatic attack/crawler threat: some enterprises provide free services for a limited period of time, such as free reading of genuine e-books, online learning and examinations with preferential registration, etc. These free services and applications will also be used by a large number of automated attack tools and crawlers, which will bring great trouble to enterprise security and it operation and maintenance

therefore, the security problems brought by this process can not be ignored. At present, we should pay attention to and strengthen the following aspects:

network security and business synchronization: for stations and applications that go online quickly, we should do a good job in basic access control, as well as basic security work such as intrusion prevention, vulnerability prevention, paralysis prevention, secret disclosure prevention, tampering prevention, etc

strengthen security monitoring and rapid response: continue to monitor information security incidents, especially sudden and targeted security incidents. Enterprises should cooperate with safety manufacturers to ensure smooth safety information collection and release channels and rapid response and disposal of safety incidents

re strengthening of employees' safety awareness: widely carry out targeted safety awareness education for employees. Such as personal computer security, anti phishing, public WiFi security access, etc

ruishu information goes all out to adhere to safety

during the epidemic prevention and control period, it is time for the health, epidemic prevention, medical, pharmaceutical and other industries to work hard on the front line of the epidemic. This is a tense battle against time, but also a battle against time. During the epidemic period, Swiss digital information responded to and actively coordinated the rapid launching, upgrading and security assurance of businesses required by these industries and units, and continued to provide high-quality security technical support for stations and business systems through remote and on-site support services

1. Ensure the safe and smooth access of the station

help users monitor the abnormal dynamics of the station, prevent the station from being entered to realize experimental intrusion such as stretching, tightening and twists of the experimental machine, prevent criminals from using scanning tools to scan the station structure and application vulnerabilities, and prevent potential threats such as zero day vulnerabilities, violent cracking and library collision

2. Protect the security and order of business transactions

provide full threat situation awareness for business transactions, intelligently intercept business threats, shut out malicious acts, and ensure the correct implementation of business logic

3. Ensure the safety and controllability of data information

provide comprehensive security protection capabilities for users' stations and business systems, provide high-quality and effective threat data analysis, and prevent data information from being crawled and leaked

4. Emergency response to security incidents

provide security expert support services, quickly intervene after security incidents, avoid further expansion of losses, and restore the normal operation of the system as soon as possible. Response service:

at the same time, with the resumption of work in all walks of life and the active development of distance education business in various colleges and universities, we are also on standby at any time, actively cooperate, and carry out safety and business synchronously to ensure the normal development of production, work and learning in all industries

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