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Qinghai strictly investigates environmental violations paper, cement and other emissions exceed the standard

recently, Qinghai Province strictly investigates environmental violations to curb the rebound in pollution is progressing smoothly, and nearly 200 enterprises have been inspected (Times). Up to now, nearly 20 industrial enterprises with environmental protection problems have been identified, most of which are in papermaking, cement, linoleum processing and other industries

since the start of this strict investigation in June, the focus has been on the comprehensive inspection of papermaking, wine making, chemical industry, cement and non-ferrous metal smelting industries. The enterprises that exceed the standard or secretly discharge pollutants, shut down pollution control facilities without authorization, refuse to implement the environmental impact assessment @b panel button function and the "three Simultaneities" system in the project construction, and the enterprises that appear pollution rebound after the acceptance is up to standard, as well as the enterprises that do not carry out standardized treatment of the sewage outlets according to the unified requirements of the state, were strictly investigated

at present, the inspection team has been dispatched to inspect nearly 200 enterprises (Times) across the province, and has given warnings and rectification within a time limit to nearly 20 industrial enterprises with environmental protection problems. Those who fail to complete the treatment task within the time limit will be investigated and dealt with according to law, and the relevant legal persons and competent leaders will be investigated. Those who cause pollution losses and constitute a crime will be investigated together with the judicial department. It is mainly applicable to plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials. In the process of using the pressure testing machine in our city, a linoleum processing plant in the North District has been forcibly banned because it did not handle any environmental protection procedures. (Nian Huijuan Xiaoyi's use of daily commodities such as food)

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